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Saturday, July 23, 2016

"We're imagining a world without police"

Two days ago the Chicago Tribune ran article, Protesters chain themselves together in front of Chicago police station:

The text:

Dozens of activists and protesters took to the streets of North Lawndale on Wednesday night to demand city tax money be invested in alternatives to traditional policing.

An hour into the evening protest, about 10 demonstrators were arrested and charged with obstructing a roadway after they chained their bodies together and blocked the entrance to the Chicago Police Department's Homan Square facility.

"We're imagining a world without police," said Camesha Jones, 24, of Bronzeville. "The city of Chicago has spent (millions) of dollars because of police misconduct settlements. I'm here to imagine a world where that money would be spent on education, mental health, to open school, clinics, create jobs."

The demonstration coincided with similar protests Wednesday in New York and Washington, D.C.

Well.....there's actually a very easy solution to this. If certain communities do not want police there, they should be granted that wish. 

Then they can live together in peace and harmony and love, without being preyed upon by those horrible racist police. 

It would be an interesting experiment. 


Anonymous said...

I say to those people who want to experiment having zero law enforcement, give it a try, and see what happens. There are some pretty good, logical reasons that all societies have law enforcement in place. Ignoramuses in my book.

- Susan

Shaun F said...

John - Some countries have a strong military presence on the streets rather than a police force.

John Craig said...

Shaun --
I think in some of those countries, the military basically ARE the police.

The Ambivalent Misanthrope said...

I think that's a fantastic solution. I have another suggestion as regards the money drain from civil settlements: knock those off. Overhaul tort laws and do away with endless lawsuits over every scalded finger, slight and perceived wrong. I don't believe any other country on earth indulges litigation to the extent we do here. If we could sue God, we would. It's disgusting.

John Craig said...

Ambivalent Misanthrope --
Agreed. Unfortunately, the ABA pretty much owns the Democratic party, and most attempts at tort reform and quashing frivolous lawsuits have been stymied.