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Friday, July 15, 2016

"When will Obama call it what it is?"

Trenchant article by Howie Carr of the Boston Herald.


Anonymous said...

I read the article. Our President won't state the truth because he's a Muslim sympathizer and a sociopath. In my mind, Obama is the lawless one. The political elites are made from the same cloth. Scary.


John Craig said...

Birdie --
Yes, unfortunately the people who tend to rise to the top of the political heap often are also the worst people. Obama is certainly no exception.

gambino dellacroce said...

Never. The facts dont match the ideological narrative. I've given up having any contact with liberals of any sort; modern day Neville Chamberlains all of them.

John Craig said...

Gambino Dellacroce --
I'm coming more and more to the conclusion that liberalism is a form of insanity, the definition of which is, lack of contact with reality. When you talk to them, not only do they deny reality, they fiercely object to it as well.

Mark Caplan said...

An Israeli security official pointed out the obvious: if the threat is Islamic terrorism, you need to screen or profile only Muslims. But Obama and the Left in general are squeamish about screening people of only one religious faith, since they view Islam as a religion rather than as a distinct, non-Western civilization, which is what in reality it is.

John Craig said...

Mark --
Obama and the left seem to be squeamish about screening people for any reason, unless it's the Original Sin of being a white heterosexual male.

The latest information which has come out this morning, though, seems to be that the truck driver, despite coming from Tunisia, was not a good Muslim. He drank booze, ate pork, and took drugs. And his father said that he's been in a mental facility before, where he would have fits and break things. Also, his wife left him because he beat her. This hasn't stopped ISIS from claiming him as one of their "warriors." The French intelligence services said he'd had no history of connection with radical Islam. But even if he hadn't, I'm sure his alienation grew in large part from having felt like an alien because of his Tunisian heritage.

gambino dellacroce said...

Absolutely. My personal experience: I won't mention which country I live in, but previously I worked in Government civil service/public service for 8 years; I have worked for the independent Electoral Commission for 10. I am still in contact with two former policy advisors for Cabinet Ministers from both sides of Government, my parents lunch with a retired Cabinet Minister 3-4 times a year. I wrote speeches, drafted policy advice, dealt with constituent issues, wrote Cabinet submissions.

So if anyone is in a position to speak from a position of close up experience, its me.

My most recent workplace, which I have left due to my boss' Aspergers, was profoundly leftist. Despite being aware of my background, not once did anyone ask my opinion or perspective whenever watercooler chat turned to politics; it was if I didnt exist.

One time Trump came up, they were failing to understand why Trump was so successful in the primaries; they were trotting out the usual lines such as "how can so many Americans be stupid?", "he appeals to disenfranchised middle class voters" etc. I explained that strategically and tactically Trump was the sharpest campaign operator, made the election campaign about him and how other candidates were reacting to him

One of them, a snarky feminist Cluster B nutjob, snapped at me because she literally couldnt comprehend a logical rational alternative to her pre-programmed narrative. I stepped her through it and she became increasingly irritated.

They live in a smug, blinkered headspace that nothing short of a Middle Ages invasion will change.

John Craig said...

Gambino Dellacroce --

"One of them, a snarky feminist Cluster B nutjob, snapped at me because she literally couldnt comprehend a logical rational alternative to her pre-programmed narrative. I stepped her through it and she became increasingly irritated....They live in a smug, blinkered headspace...."

Perfect description of a liberal, thank you. They've all been brainwashed into not only not seeing reality, but reacting to any logical presentation of it with anger.

Steven said...

Never, obviously. If he hasn't yet, he's not going to start now. Hilary calls it Jihad though.

Listen to Sam Harris on terrorism. This is what he said after the Charlie Hebdo attack:

Anonymous said...

1. "I'm coming more and more to the conclusion that liberalism is a form of insanity, the definition of which is, lack of contact with reality. When you talk to them, not only do they deny reality, they fiercely object to it as well."

Right. John, and I ask you this in all honesty & not to troll - what can we do? This guy, whose name I can't even spell & won't bother to look up, was not a religious Muslim. He was something like a Muslim Dylan Roof. Self-radicalized, fucked up, whose personal demons were activated by a particular ideology. But not per se a Muslim fundamentalist radical.

So what? To say this has nothing to do with Islam is as stupid as saying it has everything to do with Islam. It had something to do with Islam. All of these French/Belgian killers fit a profile: poorly educated, semi-assimilated North Africans. There are millions of them in Europe (now in Germany too, what a genius move, eh?), and thousands of them are capable of and willing to commit mayhem.

So what do we do, John? Where do we go from here? All the ideas have add up to the end of liberal democracy. And as much as we love to poke that pinata, I'm not so sure I want to destroy it completely.

2. I had to look up Cluster B. Whenever I say to myself "you are spending too much time reading blogs" things like this justify me.

I have concluded over the past several years that true blue leftists are all, to a man and usually woman, borderline. I used to scoff at the very designation, but John - this is one psychiatric that actually makes sense. (More so than schizophrenia, which is maddeningly imprecise.)

The weird thing is that BPD is now nearly as likely to be found among men, whereas it used to be an almost classically female disorder. Our society is collapsing, John. The very personality integration of individuals is being ground to dust by the system.

Disgusted (formerly Puzzled)
"The only hope is the proles"

John Craig said...

Steven --
Harris is exactly right: Freedom of speech should be an absolute right, and once "freedom of religion" infringes on it, it is no longer freedom to worship as you choose but theocracy.

Mark Caplan said...

John Craig wrote: "the truck driver, despite coming from Tunisia, was not a good Muslim."

I'm not sure what point you're making about his not being a good Muslim. He was still a Muslim. The French police had questioned what he was doing there in his truck hours before the attack, but weren't thorough or sufficiently skeptical, probably out of fear of being accused of profiling him as a Muslim.

The 9/11 hijackers also boozed it up and frequented whorehouses. They weren't pristine choirboys, either. A not-so-good Muslim who dies as a jihadist martyr gains the highest rewards in paradise, a powerful lure for a Muslim who is very religious or mentally ill. Even as an imperfect Muslim, the Nice terrorist still knew his sacred duty and carried it out with dispatch.

John Craig said...

Disgusted/Puzzled --
Well put, this truck guy in Nice was a Muslim Dylan Roof. Good analogy. His personal alienation, even if he wasn't a good practicing Muslim, was very much a function of the fact that he was a Tunisian of Muslim descent. That can't be ignored.

And you bring up a good point about how any real, complete solution to the problem means the end of liberal democracy (using "liberal" in the old-fashioned sense of the term and not in the new, pc sense). I don't know the answer either. But I do know we have to stop immigration from Muslim countries. US (or European) citizenship is not -- and should not be -- an automatic right for everybody in the world. A country should exist in order to protect its own people first, and a lot of people have completely lost sight of that.

And yes, to be a true, committed Leftist you have to blind yourself to the facts, something BPD's are a lot more willing to do. I've met a lot of Leftists in my life, and the longer I live, the more I realize that a lot of them have something organically wrong with their personalities: BPD, narcissism, Aspergers, even sociopathy. Th most benign designation that can be applied to them at times seems to be "hypocrite" -- which used to be one of the worst things you could say about someone.

John Craig said...

Mark --
The commenter "Disgusted (formerly Puzzled)" analyzed it well. He hadn't been an active, observant part of the movement and religion, but his alienation and hatred for the West can not be separated from his racial/religious identity. (That's basically what I was trying to say above.)

He was a misfit among the Muslims the same way Dylan Roof was a misfit among whites, but that didn't stop him in the end from identifying with them and committing murder. The big difference is, after Roof's rampage, whites unanimously disavowed him, since what he did is something that even white nationalists don't advocate, whereas ISIS has proudly claimed the truck driver as one of their own, and a "warrior" for their cause.

Anonymous said...


You understood me perfectly.

Mark -

I certainly wasn't trying to let Islam off the hook. There are millions of alienated inadequate men of other faiths who don't do things like this. I was simply saying that our responses to the Nice terrorist - pounding Isis, going after AQ networks - ain't gonna do a thing about this. The one smart thing Jane Fonda ever said after 9/11 was that we should go after them with intelligent police work, out of sight. Of course, leftoids like Fonda don't realize that doing things out of sight means you can torture them, LOL, but that's another argument. The point is, we did a lot to degrade AQ that no one will ever hear of, because they were a conventional terrorist network.

These guys aren't. Again - I do not deny that Islam is not the main factor inclining them towards acting out violently. It is. A crass, tattooed British Christian hooligan will beat up his side bitch, drink, and pass out in front of the telly. (I know these types, my husband's relatives.) They are no better than black thugs. But a Muslim of that sort will become grandiose and kill for Allah.

Back to John:

I left out a word in this sentence: "All the ideas have add up to the end of liberal democracy" but you seem to have made out my meaning. Liberal democracy has failed - and yes, I mean liberal in the 19th century sense: free trade, national borders erased, etc. I frankly don't take the leftoid garbage called "cultural Marxism" as seriously as other right wingers do. I think cultural Marxism is just cosplay arising from extreme wealth, and that wealth has been given to us by international capitalism. These killings to them are just a cost of business. Move along, nothing to see here, we'll absorb it, life goes on.

I don't see it that way. I think that we in the West have in the name of cheap labor imported a virus that will destroy us if we don't destroy it. I don't like feeling this way. I realize that there are a lot of perfectly decent people who just happen to be Muslim. But I can't help feeling this way. And we've already given up so many rights. Why shouldn't Muslims who come here give up something?

Shocked (Formerly Puzzled)

Steven said...

I like when he asks what ISIS do that Muhammad didn't do? I'm not sure about the terrorist attacks in their modern form but when ISIS behead people, take sex slaves and throw gay people off buildings, they are doing things that Muhammad did and sanctioned. He was a 7th century warlord, not a peace and love hippy.