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Friday, October 28, 2016

Down with the establishment!

Commenter Gardner said something two nights ago that struck a chord:

The two lines that resonate most with me are: "the enemy of my enemy is my friend," and calling DJT a "Molotov cocktail" being thrown at the political system. A vote for HRC is not simply a vote for her, or for the Democratic party, but for the perpetuation of a degenerate system. And by system I mean all of it -- the corrupt, colluding media, global corporate interests being put above those of Americans, the laying waste of the American middle class to enrich a few.

In the 60's, hippies used to demonstrate by saying, "Down with the establishment" -- by which they meant anyone with a job. That quickly became a cliche, and, in fairly short order, self-parody. (As did "Don't trust anyone over 30.")

As others have pointed out, things have flip-flopped.

Barack Obama is supposed to be living proof of the established wisdom that there are no differences between the races -- and that the only reason blacks might underperform in any arena is because of racism.

Meanwhile, he encourages the kind of immigration which hurts the middle and lower classes. While taking $3.6 million dollar golfing weekends with Tiger Woods.

Hillary is supposed to be living proof of the now established wisdom that women are in every way the equal of men, and that all this time the only thing holding them back was the glass ceiling.

Meanwhile, she sells access to the State Department via the Clinton Foundation, and takes money from those she decries, like Wall Street, and Arab countries which persecute gays and women. (In terms of corruption, Hillary is more than the equal of any male Presidential candidate). 

The media and the corporate world have all gotten in line. The media has been in full blown hysteria mode ever since Trump got the nomination. And not a single Fortune 100 CEO has donated to Trump, while eleven have donated to Hillary.

Even more scarily, they are keeping others in line. Sure, there's freedom of speech in this country. Just not for those who want to keep their jobs.

Which is why virtually every commenter here uses one as well. You've got to be anonymous if you want to tell the truth.

The media seems to be composed mostly of true believers. They, for the most part, seem to believe the politically correct line of nonsense they spout.

The corporations have two reasons. First, political correctness is the path of least resistance for them because the people who can and will make the most trouble for them are from the Left. (The Left will holler and fuss and march in protest and organize a boycott; the Right won't bother.)

Second, Leftist ideology provides a convenient cloak for importing more cheap labor under the guise of anti-racism and "this is who we are" and "we're a nation of immigrants." This, of course, hurts the middle class -- and those among the lower class who aspire to become middle class.

In any case, as Gardner pointed out, they all seem to be in collusion to bring down Trump, who would (theoretically) help the middle class at the expense of the globalists and the one percenters.

Down with the establishment!

Not sure why, but it feels good to say that.  (And actually mean it.)


Anonymous said...

I'm flattered to be featured in your post.

I can't say what has changed exactly, but in the past few days I feel more sure that voting for Trump is the right move. Not that I could ever say that out loud, at least where I live.

It's been a big transition for me. I was once a bleeding-heart liberal, then became a cynical moderate who still voted for Dems, and now, now what am I? I'm not a Republican. But I guess I am part of this third wave.

The new investigation into Clinton's emails clinched it for me. Not that it's a smoking gun, but man, am I sick of the constant scandal.

I am actually really looking forward to election day.

I know it is childish, but a Trump election would be just the massive bitch-slap the media and effete elites in this country so deserve. (And I say that as someone who likes French mustard and listen to jazz).


John Craig said...

Gardner --
It takes a long time to get over that liberal liberal arts college education sometimes. A lot of, I don't know, covering the crime beat for a newspaper, rubbing shoulders with cops and criminals, being out in the world, and keeping your eyes open wide enough to gradually realize that political correctness = factual incorrectness. Anyway, congrats on being open-minded; a lot of people cling to their sanctimonious cliches no matter how many facts slap them in the face.

You're right, Hillary is just a walking, talking scandal. And if an honest word has ever escaped that mouth, I'm unaware of it.

Hope a lot of people feel the way you do.

Steven said...

"I know it is childish, but a Trump election would be just the massive bitch-slap the media and effete elites in this country so deserve."

This is basically how I feel about it too. I'm not 100% on board with Trump but his aspect of it would be satisfying. There is entirely too much feminist and liberal bullshit and it needs to be challenged more and more boldly. There really is just an incredible amount of institutionalised nonsense that needs to be torn down.

That's before you even get to the 30 years of stagnation for the working class, which justifies at least trying something different, or the fact (I worry) Hillary is more likely to start world war 3.

Steven said...

...and the thing is that the institutionalised nonsense is actually fuelling racial polarisation and gender resentment. Its divisive and harmful as well as being nonsense.

Humans, I think, tend to have an in built bias towards truth and fairness, which the media doesn't share.

John Craig said...

Steven --
Yes, that WWIII angle has been totally ignored by the media -- shockingly enough.

Steven said...

Lucian Lafayette said...

So here we finally have it: The "liberal" candidate is a statist, war-mongering tool of Wall Street who may well get us into a thermonuclear conflict with Russia and is more than willing to use lethal, military force against internal dissidents. The leftist singularity is at hand.


John Craig said...

Steven --
Sure hope he's right.

John Craig said...

Luke --
Exactly, I probably shouldn't even be using the words "Left" and "Right" anymore. We have to come up with some new terms to describe the opposing points of view.

Anonymous said...

The new thing is nationalist v. globalist. I prefer patriot v. globalist.

So what do you think about the newest, the emails on Weiner's laptop? Jesus. If the Hilldebeest is elected we can look forward to four years of this. Remember the Clinton years?

Pure hell.


John Craig said...

Puzzled --
Yes, nationalist vs. globalist, but more complicated than that. Unless "nationalist" has all the racial and ethnic connotations it does over in Europe.

I have no idea what was on those emails. But I've always suspected that part of the reason Hillary erased those emails is because they may have contained hints as to her current love life. How ironic if the one that brings her down is the guy whom she hired -- in my view -- to be a beard for her lover.

Anonymous said...

OMG, none of that ever occurred to me. I was thinking more along the lines of the emails talking about Bill and his ride on the Lolita Express, but come to think of it, you're on the right track.

Now they're saying that Comey doesn't have the clearance to read the emails yet and doesn't know what's on them. But if his peeps are grilling Weiner about the sexting a minor, maybe Weiner told him, and showed him, so that he could work out a deal. He can open it up and show them whatever is on his laptop, right?

Alternatively, Huma parked those emails on her husband's laptop because she told the FBI that she'd turned everything "of hers" in. But she didn't turn in her husband's laptop, because it's not hers. It's really stupid though. She should have known that eventually he would be investigated. So maybe that's not true.


arthur thurman said...

The link is the first thing I see on Google news. It says I wish I could OTE for Hillary Clinton twice. A Huffington Post article should never be the first thing you see on Google news. This proves that the MSM bias is alive and well. Pathetic.

John Craig said...

Puzzled --
The scenarios you outline could be real too; as I said I was just guessing. I doubt it's about Bill though since most of the headlines have been about reopening the Hillary investigation. Ah, never thought that Weiner purposely showed them in order to cut a deal, but why not? He's now officially separated from Abedin, so would have less incentive to keep that farce going. Makes sense.

And yeah, Huma putting her emails on Weiner's laptop on purpose to avoid detection, that could well be too. Stay tuned, I guess.

John Craig said...

Arthur --
They're alive, but hopefully they're not well. More people than ever see through them and their transparent biases, hopefully a lot of people will be tuning them out.