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Saturday, October 8, 2016

Peaceful protests

When the Obama administration initially described the Benghazi attack of 9/11/12 as a "peaceful protest over an offensive internet video that spiraled out of control," the mainstream media dutifully reported this version events --

The MSM, as loyal to the Obama agenda as Tass was to the Kremlin, referred to the recent rioting in Charlotte as "peaceful protests" --

After a black cop in a police department run by a black commissioner shot and killed a black man in Charlotte, crowds of angry blacks attacked random whites in reprisal. But the MSM continued to characterize these goings on as "peaceful protests."

It's unfortunate that these sorts of honest and accurate depictions of events weren't available for other periods of history. Instead, what we always seemed to get were sensationalized accounts which overly dramatized what were, in fact, humdrum events.

It's high time we rewrote history to conform to the more up to date, sophisticated standards of great newspapers like the New York Times and the Washington Post.

Here are some early Romans holding a peaceful love-in that involved a few Sabine women:

Here are some of Genghis Khan's Mongol peaceniks on their way to a friendly demonstration in Baghdad:

Here are Tamerlane and his nonviolent protesters outside the ancient city of Urganj, in what is now Turkmenistan:

Here is Atlanta after General Sherman led a peaceful protest march through the city:

Here's Winston Churchill inspecting the aftermath of a peaceful rally by the Luftwaffe in Battersea:

And here's Dresden after a counter protest by the Allies:

Imagine how much clearer our understanding of history might be if only it had been recorded by modern journalists. Small wonder that the New York Times has garnered 117 Pulitzer Prizes, and the Washington Post 47, for their hard-hitting reporting.


Mark Caplan said...

The picture you posted of African Americans playing their own version of Game of Throwns occurred outside Charlotte's $700-a-night Ritz Carlton hotel.

There has been little mention of the "Miracle of Charlotte." In the middle of the mayhem and destruction, one building emerged completely unmolested: the Harvey B. Gantt Center for African-American Arts+Culture.

John Craig said...

Mark --
"Game of Throwns," very good.

Yes, so far it seems to be a sporadic, one-sided, low level race war.

Anonymous said...

hi john, how's the cancer going...

apropos of nothing, would be delighted to see a long post from you about NWO and one world government. i have some thoughts on that from reading zero hedge and vox day but would value your perspective. thank you

too many conspiracy theories turning out to be real.

Steven said...

So, has Trump still got a chance after the video that just came out? He was already a bit behind in the polls. In particular, I could imagine the 'grab them by the pussy' line about women he just met to put a lot of people off. Even for someone who is hard to offend, it comes across as pretty sleazy and unpresidential.

I wouldn't be surprised if he was just running his mouth to show off and maybe it will still be quite close but I've got a feeling this might do for him.

John Craig said...

Anon --
The cancer is theoretically history, but won't know for sure for a while.

I'm not the guy to ask about the NWO, I don't follow those theories closely, and don't have anything to add to the discussion there.

John Craig said...

Steven --
It kills me to say it, but I don't think he has a good chance at this point.

Pangur said...

I suspect that this leaves his chances largely undiminished, and here's why: 1) no-one sincerely believes that guys like Trump behave in any other way, and we're electing a president, not a pope; 2) stuff like this (especially salacious things) only moves the needle when there are low negatives for candidates. Both Trump and Clinton already have sky high negatives.

Finally, Trump can negate this not by point a finger at Clinton and talking about Bill, but by talking about borders and how the people Hillary wants to bring in are big into rape (especially the middle easterners, but also Mexican criminals). Want more rape? Vote for her! is the simple attack.

John Craig said...

Pangur --
I certainly hope you're right, but this is such a close race that any little thing can affect the outcome. And while 98% of Trump's support will remain solid, all it takes is a 2% shift to affect the outcome of the election. And some of those undecideds, especially the female ones, could let this dissuade them. I think the whole incident is a tempest in a teapot, but of course the media has focused on it -- it was the to right, two columns-wide article on the front page of the NY Times this morning. And they're going to make sure it stays in the news for several days.

Anonymous said...


Regarding the tape, it kills me to say this, and anything can happen - but I think this is it. GOPe has now withdrawn all support. If it were Wikileaks v. The Tape, I'd call it a draw. But do you really believe that most normal people spend time searching through Wikileaks like I do, LOL? No! They just hear "grab them by the pussy" and they go 'echh.' un-Presidential.

And they are right. It IS un-Presidential. I'm not a conspiracy theorist, but if I were I'd believe that Trump was sent by the Illuminati to destroy patriotic immigration reform forever. That actually is a rumor going around the tinfoil hat crowd.

I'm bummed.


John Craig said...

Puzzled --
I hadn't heard that theory, but I can see how it might get traction.

The thing is, what did that tape tell us that we didn't already know? That Trump is an egotistical boor? We already knew that. So what? Hillary's a sociopath for crissakes, and everything Trump talked about, Bill Clinton actually did, and more. And Hillary defended Bill by attacking the women who were his victims. All of which is far worse than anything Trump did. But is the media painting it that way? Of course not.

Anonymous said...

Oh, I agree with you. I was just saying what the average person would think. They're not paying obsessive attention to Hillary's issues.

Another thing, a former producer of The Apprentice is now saying that there are more, and worse, tapes, on Twitter.


John Craig said...

Puzzled --
Trump is just a normal guy. But all the holier than thou types in politics are rushing to say how offended and appalled they are; what a bunch of jerks. Especially Paul Ryan.

Literally 80% of all guys talk that way between themselves. I'm writing post about that right now.

Ugh, more? Oh no. Hopefully Wikileaks will have more too, though the media will undoubtedly ignore it.

Steven said...

I wonder how the tape actually came to light. Whoever had it, did they wait til now to release it for maximum damage?

80% of guys do talk like that amongst themselves and I don't think it would have been that bad if he'd just talked about trying to fuck somebody. The real damaging part is when he talked about kissing and grabbing the pussy of women he's just met. I guess he is saying they let him and there's consent but that's not 100% clear cut if he just does it to someone he just met without much warning or preamble...which at face value is pretty much what he said. You can interpret what he said in a more or less charitable way and maybe the more charitable way is the truth and there was a degree of spouting off but its going to sound to a lot of women like he's saying I'm a star who can get away with inappropriately touching women up. They wont feel inclined to give that guy more power.

Talking like that is not just unpresidential; its super duper unpresidential. Its about as unpresidential as it comes.

As for Paul Ryan, his statement plays right into the hands of anyone who wants to call him a cuckservative. He actually used feminist speak and said women shouldn't be objectified.

This might be the end of Trump but I don't think he's a one off. I think he's part of a trend. There is major kickback against globalisation, open borders and identity politics across the west. The post 1989 status quo is being challenged more than ever before and I don't think it will end with the defeat of Trump. Especially in Europe where things are just getting more turbulent.

John Craig said...

Steven --
I highly doubt that Trump ever made a pass at a woman by just grabbing her vagina. That was just schoolboy bravado, which admittedly is a little pathetic for a guy who's 59, but maybe more than that, he was making a point by exaggerating what a celeb can get away with.

The media's hypocrisy on this issue is overwhelming. I have very little doubt that Barack Obama has been having sex with men who work for him, and the media turns a blind eye. I have little doubt that Hillary has had Huma Abedin, who's been on her staff for ages, as her lover, and the media turns a ben eye. Bill Clinton was a serial rapist, and the media turned a blind eye. all Trump has to do is boast, and the sky comes tumbling down.

Yes, even if Trump is defeated, which I'm guessing he will be, the backlash against the liberals having overplayed their hand has started, and will continue.

Steven said...

Its imaginable that he could have just come on to women from nowhere, started kissing them and went straight downstairs. Its probably not, like you said, how it went down but that's literally what he described. Other famous men have certainly acted like that and worse. Its enough to turn women off him and also Christians who think there should be some standards of decorum from public figures. To the latter, he just crossed a line. More conservatives will be holding their noses while voting for him than before.

I agree about the media hypocrasy and everything but you can expect newspapers to support their side in a biased way. aren't there also conservative newspapers demonising Hillary? The right wing press is powerful in Britain. They have their own relentless campaign against the labour leader.

Steven said...

The Telegraph, a conservative broadsheets in Britain, is leading with this headline: "Donald trump vows 'zero chance I'll quit'as sex assault boasts leave his campaign on the brink". See, that's how it is being taken and will be taken by lots of people when you say you just grab their pussy.

Steven said...

Here is an interview with a woman who claims Trump sexually assaulted her in the 90's.

When I heard the audio, I felt trump sounded entitled and wondered if he is narcissistic enough to assume women want him when they don't....and therefore make unwelcome moves. She corroborates that and I don't know, I think I believe her story.

John Craig said...

Steven --
There are far fewer conservative newspapers "demonizing Hillary" than there are newspapers -- and television stations -- doing their best to make Trump look bad. (Not that he needs their help.)

I took a look at the interview you linked in your 11:26 comment. What that makeup artist described doesn't quite rise to the level of "assault," it was more inappropriate touching. (I'm not sure what the legal charge would be.) But she went to him to try to get him to sponsor an event she would have profited from at his Atlantic City casino, and I would guess that she gave off very friendly, welcoming vibes, and that if she had wanted him to stop touching her, she could have put an end to it early on. But she was hoping for his sponsorship, and so didn't want to do that. I'm guessing.