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Saturday, November 26, 2016

Affirmative action: a concept that must be supported, then ignored

While I'm on the subject of race and IQ...

These days, if you're not in favor of affirmative action, you're considered morally repugnant. But, if you ever suggest that a specific person of color benefitted from affirmative action, you're also considered morally repugnant.

How is that not contradictory?

The idea seems to be that you must support affirmative action, but then pretend that nobody has ever been granted preference because of it.

Which, of course, makes absolutely no sense.

The fact is, it's something that virtually every white person takes into account when they hear about a black person's academic pedigree.

This may have something to do with why you never even hear phony white liberals rave about how brilliant Michelle Obama must be for having gone to both Princeton and Harvard Law School.

Of course, only the rudest person would actually say, "Well, of course she got in because of affirmative action."

But that doesn't mean everybody else doesn't think it.


Steven said...

Yeah. People think it, which isn't fair on the black people who succeeded on a sense their achievements are made suspect by affirmative action. That's one of the things I don't like about it.

I'd like to know how Asians feel being included in 'people of colour'.

John Craig said...

Steven -
Although technically Asians are people "of color," they're almost never the ones being referred to that way unless someone is trying to make the Left wing tent sound as big as possible. And Asians certainly aren't eligible for affirmative action at colleges, in fact there's substantial evidence that their numbers are cut back at places like Cal and Harvard because if the admissions offices judged applicants on board scores and grades alone, those colleges would be even more disproportionately Asian than they are now.

They do tend to vote Democratic, though, which I've never understood.

Jokah Macpherson said...

I think the dissonance is resolved by thinking that all POC have equal merit to all whites in ways that matter to school and work performance but Haven Monahan's dad and his highly prejudiced friends who control business and government (but somehow are unable to repeal affirmative action) conspire to exclude them from these domains. Affirmative action simply prevents them from doing so. Therefore, no POC ever "benefits" from affirmative action since all it does is give them an equal opportunity as everyone else to succeed.

John Craig said...

Jokah --
That seems to be the attitude, yes. Only problem is, all those test scores don't lie.

And the history of the world remains unchanged.

Mark Caplan said...

I do hear plenty of liberals endlessly gush over Michelle Obama, her unearthly beauty, her intellectual achievements, her exquisite taste in women's fashions, her electrifying oratorical brilliance, her selection in husbands. I'm probably leaving out a dozen or so other qualities she is said to excel at.

Michelle focused on African American Studies at Princeton, a subject that would turn the mind of even an Einstein into a clump of warmed-over spaghetti. But she did pass the Illinois bar exam on her second try.

Michelle Obama: The Broadway musical Hamilton "was simply, as I tell everybody, the best piece of art in any form that I have ever seen in my life!"

John Craig said...

Mark --
I guess I'm not hanging out with the right crowd then.

I've heard various publications gush over her beauty; I always wonder how many of the writer who say that actually find her sexually attractive. And I've heard a lot about her fashion sense and designer clothes. But I honestly can't recall anyone saying that she was brilliant.

Anonymous said...


I actually think Michelle Obama was reasonably attractive, and it always bothered me when certain people would take off on her looks. I didn't find her arm muscles to be terribly distracting. Her butt is huge, but that's not her fault. It's not fat. It's the way she's built. But I think her dress sense sucks.

Melania, that's another one. I think her face is really not very pretty. But she does have a terrific figure. Very graceful and feminine.

PS - I'm too lazy to go back and respond on the right post, but although statistics do say that smarter people tend not to smoke, there are smart people who do smoke, and I smoked 30 years ago, when a lot of smart people smoke. It always surprises me how many hip kids smoke.

Now, tattooing - that to me is the epitome of a kind of aggressive stupidity. I avoid people who have tattoos. I just saw a man with the letters F U C K tattooed on his fingers. How dumb can you get? Now, he strikes me as a white guy with an IQ of about 115, not really stupid. But his personality defect is such that he is functionally stupid.


John Craig said...

Puzzled --
Good looks of course are purely in the eye of the beholder, so it's always a little silly to argue over. But there's a difference between saying someone is attractive and actually feeling it, meaning, going for it.....It does seem that a lot of the people who pay such close attention to fashion get too close to it and lose all sense of proportion.

If you look at pictures of Melania when she was younger, she was gorgeous (okay, that's subjective too) but now she looks as if she's had too much Botox. You're right, nice figure though.

Totally agree about tattoos. I wrote about them here:

And here's one about Cheryl Cole's tattoo, which is about as appealing as a mustache on the Mona Lisa:

And one which features another white guy, this one with F U C K Y O U tattooed on his forehead:

GT said...

Brutal report. Lots of wasted life. Sad really

The Wall Street report boiled down the cause to Poverty - Guns - Gangs - Drugs - Arguments

I wonder if poverty gives raise to more sociopaths? It would take someone with low impulse control or little empathy to kill someone over an argument.

John Craig said...

GT --
It's hard to separate out poverty and sociopaths, it's a little bit of a chicken and egg question. Sociopathic parents are less likely to be responsible and so their children are more likely to grow up poor and feral. And poor children without adult supervision -- an more importantly, a stable bond with an adult -- are more likely to grip sociopathic.

Just took a look at that list. There were a couple of surprises, like the two Kansas Cities, and maybe one or two "freak" statistics, like San Bernadino making the list because of the terrorist incident there, but by and large, no surprises. Yes, poverty, gangs, and drugs have something to do with it but one would also have to be willfully blind not to see the demographic connection.