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Thursday, January 5, 2017

Free tampons

A friend, Ed, just sent this article along:

College students are demanding free tampons on campus

Some excerpts, with my comments not in italics:

Julie Chen, a sophomore at Emory College, wanted to help students get access to free tampons on campus, but she didn’t know how. So she started a petition last January to see how many people would use the supplies....The petition received so many responses that Emory launched a pilot program during the fall 2016 semester to provide free tampons....

“Everyone was really excited about it, and we’ve definitely heard positive responses,” Chen said. “One girl left a comment that said, ‘If men had a need for tampons, they’d be falling out of the sky...’”

Men need electric shavers, or at least, razors, more than women do. To date, none of those have been reported to have fallen out of the sky. Of course, "falling out of the sky" gives a sense of where the Left thinks manufactured products originate. One might call this the cargo cult school of economics.

You get the sense that the women who make these demands have no sense of the expenses incurred in manufacturing products. They only deal with the universities, where all laws of supply and demand, and any other sort of mundane reality, have been suspended.

“Every female has a period in some form, and these supplies aren’t luxury items and should not be treated as luxury items,” said Erin Deal, the infrastructure committee director at the University of Minnesota Student Association. “They’re a necessity. They’re a sanitation item...."

Food is not a luxury item, either: people need it to survive -- more so than tampons. Perhaps these feminists should march into a restaurant and demand free food, since, after all, it's a necessity.

And how about clothing, and shelter, and medicine?

“Talking to other people, it’s taught me that it’s important for equality purposes,” Chen said. “It’s a good step in the right direction of equality and prioritizing women’s health."

Doesn't "prioritize" imply an ordering, which would simply mean sexism from the opposite direction?

You don't hear men protesting that treatment for prostate cancer should be made free, since women don't suffer from it, and that we should "prioritize" men's health, in the interests of "equality."

What this movement for free tampons seems to boil down to is that women resent having to pay for something that men don't need, therefore the university should provide it for free, otherwise the sin of sexism is being committed, somehow, by someone.

But who is actually committing that sin? Mother Nature.

Millions of years of mammalian evolution has resulted modern day humans, in all our wondrous diversity. And some of that diversity is caused by testosterone and estrogen molding brains and bodies differently, for better or worse.

This is simply the latest example of the Left wanting the laws of biology repealed. After all, it's not "fair" that we're all different in various ways. Some people bleed once a month; others don't. Some people have larger brains, others smaller. 

Unfortunately, the laws of biology cannot be repealed so easily. They can only be denied, which is, ultimately, what the Left is all about.

The twats on the Left want to take all those irksome laws of biology and shove them up our collective, well, you know. For free.

Unfortunately for them, those laws can't remain hidden forever.


Anonymous said...

In the liberal utopia everything should be free.

- birdie

John Craig said...

Birdie --
I actually don't think that for a college to provide free tampons, just as some organizations provide free condoms, is such a terrible idea. But the basic Leftist impulse behind this, that it must be done in the name of "equality," is ridiculous.

Steven said...

Wow, what can you really say? I think you said it already. Strange sense of entitlement and a sort of feminist opportunism.

John Craig said...

Steven --
Yes, exactly. A misplaced sense of justice, entitlement, and feminism, all of which usually combine to back muddle-headed causes like this.

europeasant said...

Men also suffer from sexual desire whereas it seems women don't, at least not after they've had all the children they want which these days is about one or two.
Should the government provide us with free women to service us?

John Craig said...

Europeasant --
I've always felt so.

GT said...

"Talking to other people, it’s taught me that it’s important for equality purposes,” Chen said. “It’s a good step in the right direction of equality and prioritizing women’s health."

I guess Chen failed to notice that on average women out live men. Seems that in the name of "equality" she should really be prioritizing men's health.

Anonymous said...

When I was a college student, there were better ways to spend my time. What these students are doing is ridiculous, completely asisine. It would never have occurred to me to take this up as a cause, making sure that tampons are available to other women, for free. Good grief.

- birdie

Anonymous said...

Have you read Feynman's essay on cargo cult science? It's great.


Mark Caplan said...

Europeasant writes: Should the government provide us with free women to service us?

Just envisioning the government-issue, affirmative-action babes the government will pull from its stockpile would cause me to forswear sex the rest of my life.

John Craig said...

B --
Just read it, at your behest. Yes, excellent.

John Craig said...

Mark --
This is a ridiculously serious response to your joking comment, but I've often thought that a man's manliness/testosterone level can be measured by the unattractiveness of the women he does. I've often seen guys with women who make me think, I could never work up an erection for her.....Well, I guess he's more of a man than me.

Kyra Nelson said...

I would like a free penis or maybe a discounted one just so NOBODY would ever associate me with those idiotic, entitled c*unts. Come to think of it, I'll pay retail for that penis. Can I still use the ladies' room?

Fled The Undertow said...

Ready for this one?

A few decades ago when I first began teaching, I was hired by an inner city ghetto elementary school. Each year, the social workers would come have the "sex talk" with the black girls in the 4th and 5th grades. I figured it was pretty standard stuff, right? Reproduction, feminine hygeine, that kind of thing.

Imagine my surprise when I heard the social worker having to explain to these girls that feminine products like tampons and pads ARE NOT REUSABLE. When I asked the woman later why on Earth she felt the need to explain the obvious, she said that their baby mamas resent having to "pay for" (use their ebt cards for) feminine products for their girls, which they think should be "free". So they convince their girls to "hang-dry and reuse" these things so the baby mamas can spend their cash on important things like beer, smokes, and Lotto tickets.

That experience led directly to my current stance as a race realist.

John Craig said...

Fled --
We all get there eventually by different routes, that's as good a route as any.

Actually,I suppose I shouldn't say "we all get there," because an amazing number of people just put on the blinders and refuse to look at things like that. Averting your eyes and pretending you don't see is what political correctness is all about.

Fled The Undertow said...

I highly recommend teaching in the ghetto as the most potent "deprogramming" method for brainwashed liberals. It appears pathological altruism concerning blacks is inversely proportional to the proximity that one actually spends near any significant number of negroes.

Which is why in places like Park City, Utah or Burlington, Vermont, we have to put up with all the insufferable "BERNIE '16!" bumper stickers. It's the common sentiment of a bunch of whites whose only experience with blacks are the fictional ones they see on TV.