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Sunday, January 8, 2017

Group crimes

You've undoubtedly heard of the recent torture of the schizophrenic white kid in Chicago by four blacks.

It's a refreshing change to see a black-on-white crime actually get some airtime. Usually, the MSM buries these crimes. But this incident got such a head of steam going thanks to that Facebook video that even the normally blinkered NY Times couldn't entirely ignore it.

Still, what no one seems to be mentioning is how the incident is so revealing of black attitudes. Brittany Covington laughingly streamed the abuse on Facebook, where she evidently figured that only her friends would see it. And she assumed that her friends, probably all of whom are black, would not object to her behavior. Or, if they did, would at least not turn her in for it. (After all, snitches get stitches.)

This may have been partly due to stupidity on her part, but it was also partly engendered by her knowledge of her friends' attitudes toward whites. (Which most whites tend to be quite naive about.)

The other, larger takeaway is there were four people involved in this abuse. This is a pattern I've noticed time and again. Usually, when a white commits some horrific crime, it's the work of some lone, sick, twisted individual who was abused as a young child. (Think serial killers.)

But when blacks commit a horrific crime, it's often a group of them, just guys who happen to be in the vicinity and see an opportunity. The spirit of the crime is more like, hey, we got one here, let's not let this dude go. And so, like lions spotting a wounded water buffalo, they close in.

Look at the recent beating of that white man in Chicago, ostensibly for having voted for Trump. This wasn't the work of one criminal. It was committed by a group of local blacks, who just happened to be at that intersection, with a girl egging them on.

Think about the knockout game, or, as it is also called, polar bear hunting -- because of the color of the "bear" those feral youths are hunting. Usually it's a young black male showing off to his buddies. In several of the videos I've seen, they all cackle with laughter when the white falls to the ground.

Think of the beating of truck driver Reginald Denny, who just happened to be caught in the middle of the riots in Los Angeles in 1992 and was nearly beaten to death by the black mob. (His skull was fractured in 91 places.)

Brittanee Drexel had been missing for seven years, since 2009; her case was finally solved this past summer. She had been kidnapped from Myrtle Beach, SC, during spring break. Then, according to FBI agent Gerrick Munoz:

Da'Shaun Taylor “showed her off, introduced her to some other friends that were there … they ended up tricking her out with some of their friends, offering her to them and getting a human trafficking situation.” As the media spotlight grew ever brighter on the desperate efforts to find Drexel, the girl was “murdered and disposed of.”

Her body was reportedly dumped in a local pond teeming with alligators.

Drexel's was a particularly gruesome case, and what was striking about it was the fact that so many local men participated.

Or think of Channon Christian and Christopher Newsom, who were carjacked, raped (yes, Newsom too), tortured, and murdered by five blacks. Christian had bleach poured down her throat while she was still alive, then was wrapped in bags and left to suffocate.

There are far too many such crimes to catalogue here. But the group nature of black crime vs. the solitary nature of white crime is a consistent pattern. This isn't to say, of course, that all blacks turn into violent criminals the moment opportunity presents itself; most blacks are law-abiding. (Think of the blacks who eventually came to Reginald Denny's aid.) But the mere fact that it happens at all, with bystanders frequently willing to join in the festivities, is striking.

The only whites I can think of who have committed a group crime in the past 35 years are the Chicago Rippers, four Satanists who committed 18 murders in the early 80's. (There are undoubtedly other recent examples, but they are rare.) And there have been a few white serial killers who've operated in pairs. But the most reprehensible crimes that whites commit tend to be done by lone sociopaths.

The nature of black group crimes, on the other hand, seems to be more opportunistic: whoever happens to be around, participates.

If you keep an eye on these things, you'll notice the pattern. 


Justin said...

Why do you think this is, though? Would you say just intelligence?

John Craig said...

Justin --
I think it has more to do with racial solidarity (racism by another name) and lack of inhibitions.

Justin said...

Is lack of inhibition an inherited trait? I've seen you talk about it before, but can't recall.

John Craig said...

Justin --
Just judging from the differences between the races in that regard, it certainly seems to be at least partly genetic in origin.

Anonymous said...

Dude, I had the exact same thought about BLACK PACK ATTACKS vis a vis this case.

It is so nice for me, dear Mister Craig, whenever I find you saying obviously true and yet forbidden things that I agree with.

You are SO COOL LIKE THAT, (again I must stop myself from creeping everybody else out with too much praise)... Please take care of yourself during hazardous winter conditions.


John Craig said...

Okay everybody, I confess. "FAKE BABA" is just a name I write comments under whenever I feel like praising myself. (I'm afraid my ego's a little out of control.)

I figured using the all caps format for the name would not sound like me, and would thereby fool people. But, I guess it's time to fess up.

Anonymous said...

The crimes that you included in your post were very disturbing. What the black feral thugs did to that young couple was beyond comprehension, unforgivable. When I learn of stories like the crimes mentioned in this post, I'm totally approving of the death penalty.

- birdie

John Craig said...

Birdie --
Agreed, the death penalty would have been appropriate for the killers of Christian and Newsom. One of the killers actually got that, but then it was overturned. So now the country will be supporting these guys as wards of the state for a long time.

Runner Katy said...

Really, Fake Baba is you? Hilarious! Well, the rest of us do appreciate your work. Thanks! (Also, as a white female, this group crime theory is scary, since I try to generally trust the good in people, for the most part.)

John Craig said...

Runner Katy -
No, that was just a joke, FAKE BABA is not me. (I'm egotistical, but not that egotistical.) He always has complimentary things to say, though, so I just figured I'd make a joke out of it.

GT said...

Whites have no trouble grouping up as well

I just always assumed there was a sociopathic ring leader, of whatever color, and some followers.

John Craig said...

GT --
I had forgotten about the murder of James Byrd; that was a particularly gruesome killing. One of the three white men involved, John King, had said that he had been raped in prison beforehand by something like 14 black men. (Not that that excuses the crime.) I hadn't heard of those other two crimes.

In general, though, non-domestic violent crimes by whites tend to be individual affairs, whereas similar crimes by blacks are more likely to involve multiple assailants.

You're right about there usually being a sociopathic ringleader. Though I'd guess that with some of these more horrific crimes, more than one of the assailants is a sociopath.

Anonymous said...

There are plenty of YouTube videos displaying blacks in their glory - fights breaking out in restaurants (such as McDonald's) battling each other over incredibly stupid, asinine things. It's just the way they are. If you're out and about, stay away from blacks who are in groups.

- birdie

John Craig said...

Birdie --
I've seen a lot of those videos too. They're not necessarily group crimes, but they do show a difference in behavior that's really striking.

Quartermain said...

Here is a link to what psychopath Shaun king said about it:

The biggest danger are the idiots and psychopaths in positions of influence and authority who cover for those savages, spread the White guilt/black anger paradigm, and spread the cancer of black bigotry.

Ying Ma has also documented attacks made on Asians by black savages.

Anonymous said...

I remember last year, I stopped for gas and my two children and I witnessed a spectacular fight between and young guy and his girlfriend. My children and I stayed in the vehicle and watched these idiots fight over God knows what. My son thought that it was very ghettoish behavior, so he tried to video tape the fight with his cell phone (I discouraged him from doing so). Thank God, the girlfriend managed to drive off in her car (doing this after the slimeball boyfriend kicked the passenger door on her car a few time, very hard). Somehow, I had zero sympathy for these two people, thinking that the whole fight was beyond stupid. This whole fight occurred out of know where. Complete insanity.

- birdie

Mark Caplan said...

You'd think academic sociologists, psychologists, and anthropologists would have by now compiled a number of definitive studies with titles like:

How blacks really regard whites.

How whites really regard blacks.

How men really regard women.

How women really regard men.

For one thing, we'd find out how normal our own secretly held and partially suppressed views are in those areas. Because I'm an extremely empathetic person and readily put myself in the other person's shoes, I assume blacks hate us. Given the opportunity, they would enjoy annihilating us all, in the cruelest manner their imaginations could conjure. They see their hate and "black rage" as justified because of slavery, Jim Crow, microaggressions, and #OscarsSoWhite. The better looking white women would be taken as sex slaves, but the rest of us would be dispatched without mercy.

Whites, on the other hand, fear blacks rather than hate them. At least the fear precedes the hate. We fear them because we know in our hearts they want to cut our throats.

John Craig said...

Allan --
Just read what Shaun King said; he's not only a sociopath, but a really lousy liar to boot. He blames the white kid??!!

Amazing, or maybe not so amazing, that the NY Daily News gave him a full time writing job after he was proven to be a hoaxer. But that Daily News itself is part of the group who do what you describe in your next paragraph.

John Craig said...

Mark --
Speaking of sociologists, and speaking of cutting throats, any sociologist who wrote an honest essay about any of those topics would be cutting his own throat, professionally. Academia adheres to a very narrow definition of what's acceptable to think, let alone say, these days, and any of those subjects would fall far our bounds. At least if the subject were addressed honestly.

Ha, glad to hear you're so empathetic.

I actually don't think all blacks are like that. But a sizable enough percentage are that whenever there are crimes of opportunity to be committed, there are locals who will step in to commit them.

Mark Caplan said...

Admittedly I could be dead wrong about how blacks and whites regard each other. The problem is, we're all just guessing because there is no empirical, reliable, up-to-date data to consult.

John Craig said...

Mark --
The problem is, too, that it would be virtually impossible to measure that kind of thing. Most people, of both races, would just say whatever it was they think they're supposed to say. Honesty in those kinds of polls or surveys is always lacking. I suspect a lot of people (especially whites) won't even admit to themselves how they really feel. Liberals, for instance, will go on and on about how liberal and open-minded and loving they are -- and they may actually believe that they are -- but do you ever see any of them settling down in Bed-Stuy or Detroit or East St. Louis or Ferguson or the 9th ward of New Orleans?

Samuel Nock said...

Coincidentally, Derb just did a post addressing this issue too:

And Nicholas Stix, also at VDare, continues to do yeoman's work on the "Knoxville Atrocity":

These types of crimes, or the response to them in the media, also highlight another aspect of racial differences: There is simply a different way of thinking about such atrocities in the black and the white mind. It goes beyond mere "double standards" to an actual difference in thinking. A double standard implies some hypocrisy or internal sense that a trick is being played. Whereas when these crimes occur, the degree of black solidarity and apologia for these things is simply a sight to behold, and one does not really feel that the black apologist is engaging in disingenuous or misleading behavior; they simply think differently and do not see that they are holding a double standard. It is not easy, maybe impossible, to come up with a headline black crime, no matter how horrific that does not receive some non-negligible degree of defense, explanation or justification from very mainstream talking heads.

As one example in the current Chicago case, Don Lemon of CNN says the attack was "not evil" and was the result of "bad upbringings" by the perpetrators.

The extent of this kind of thing is shocking when you reverse things. Were a white commentator to engage in this kind of apologia and justification, it would be a firing offense or come off as extremely bizarre. Things have reached the point were we are almost used to it from the black side.

John refers to this different way of thinking as racial solidarity, and maybe that captures it. This is a major problem for a multicultural society because it means that people will have different goals and expectations for important matters such as the administration of justice. Peoples with low racial solidarity / high regard for individual responsibility will want to see objective justice done; those with high racial solidarity will want to see their group win, regardless of the merits. This actually explains a lot of problems with the multicultural society aside from obvious things such as violent crime: attitudes towards tax collection, attitudes towards appropriate measures for getting into college, insurance and other types of fraud or connected dealings that benefit one group to the detriment of another. This further shows that IQ and racial solidarity are not necessarily correlated. There are some pretty high IQ groups that engage in activities based on racial solidarity (e.g. Chinese, Indians, etc.) John's old posts on the "smartest guy he ever knew" are instructive on this phenomenon too.

Samuel Nock said...

I may not have given the Don Lemon link; here it is:

Shaun F said...

John - RE - Shaun King sociopath - as they project and scapegoat it doesn't surprise me that it shows in his writing. These types usually have enablers around them that help them further the "agenda".

And with regards to the group aspect of the crimes - this was best confirmed/illustrated with Claude Brown's "Manchild in the Promised Land" where he talks about growing up in Harlem in the 40-60s as part of the aftermath of his parents move during the "Great Migration".

John Craig said...

Samuel --
You're right, they don't seem to see themselves as hypocritical. After constantly being told about slavery, Jim Crow, white privilege, etc, they think that whatever they can get they deserve. I've known people like this too, they simply see themselves as being in the right al the time because of all the constant brainwashing they've been exposed to frothier entire lives.

I read both of the articles you linked, and they both summarize the situations they describe well. The MSM is complicit in all this violence, by downplaying the constant black-on-white attacks. Just last year we saw them at Temple University, in Charlotte, and elsewhere. And if there is any white-on-black violence, it will get lots of coverage.

I watched two minutes of the Lemon show, couldn't take any more. Those kids were the "victims" of bad upbringings. And that woman trying to justify it because the Trump campaign had brought so many bad elements to the fore, so of course these kids were upset. See, they weren't doing it because they hated white people, but as a legitimate objection to Trump. See?

John Craig said...

Shaun F. --
Wasn't Shaun King part of that Great Migration?

Shaun F said...

John -

I don't consider Shaun King as part of the segment of the Migration I was referring to. These people came up to NYC after the great depression from the South.

If you read through the below I think it helps illustrate how I thought it was relevant.


Anonymous said...

Shaun King has been at the forefront of every great moment down through the millennia.

Shaun King is the actual original prototype of that eternal onlooker figure, sometimes called Saint Germain or the Wandering Jew or (many more folkloric heroes omitted here)... TOO WHITE TO LIVE yet too black to die, Shaun King is condemned by our iniquities to drag his ass from one fake hate crime to another, muttering about lynchings, he is our WITNESS TO HISTORY


John Craig said...

Shaun F --
Just read that article. Yes, Brown did describe the gang aspect of crime well, though back in the 60's they didn't attack whites as much.

i was just kidding about Shaun King. The joke being, if he can lie about his race, why can't he lie about how old he is?

John Craig said...

Ha! Very good.

Mark Caplan said...

Maybe I'm giving too much credit to academic psychologists and related professionals, but I thought they had devious methods of ferreting out what people really think. Tests to expose psychopaths and narcissists, for instance, contain non-obvious questions and internal consistency checks to trip up anyone trying to game the test.

I agree that investigating people's attitudes toward different groups is a touchy area. Then again, any sociologist or psychologist who reveals that whites deep down are racist or men deep down are misogynist would be a hero. So looking into the attitudes of whites or men shouldn't jeopardize the research's career. Pulling the veil off the attitudes of blacks, women, or Muslims, though, is probably asking too much.

John Craig said...

Mark --
True, the tests they use to detect sociopaths are actually quite sly. And you're right, there might be ways of ferreting out peoples' real attitudes toward other racial groups or other genders or sexualities. But you're also right that such prejudices are only allowed to be called such when they point in one direction. The accepted wisdom in academia these days is that only whites can be racist, and you veer from that orthodoxy at your own peril.

But basically, I think that how people feel about each other is self-evident. attitudes vary, obviously, but the real measure of how liberal whites feel about blacks can be judged by how many of them move to majority black areas. And the attitudes of blacks toward whites can be judged from all sorts of things, not least of which is, what they say. (They tend to employ less subterfuge than the average white does.) As far as Muslims, women vs. men, etc, again, actions speak louder than answers to pollsters.

Fled The Undertow said...

Hey Mark,

Have you ever read "Racism, Guilt, Self Hatred and Self Deceit" by G. Braun? It's fascinating because he spent decades teaching blacks IN AFRICA and recites dozens of interviews with them in various settings. Every single one of them pretty much admits that whites, on average, are smarter, better organized, and more capable to govern a country or run a business, etc.

Braun points out that it's not a point of contention, either, between him and the blacks he interviewed. They had no bitterness or hostility toward him as they made these candid admissions. It's OUR blacks that act all offended and indignant whenever the idea of differences in IQ comes up. Because regardless of their limitations in other areas of life, blacks are excellent shake-down artists and can quickly pick up on white guilt, manipulating it to their advantage.

American blacks have been absolutely steeped in the idea of "white man is guilty", so much so that they may actually believe it as the reason for their dysfunction. But many more know better, or at least suspect as much, yet still lay on the white guilt trip because they think we're an easy mark. More than anything, blacks are excellent at sniffing out and exploiting people's weaknesses.