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Sunday, February 5, 2017

Do they really have nothing better to do?

How did you spend your weekend? Did you go for a jog? Attend exercise class? See friends? Watch a movie? Catch up on housework? Watch the Super Bowl? Play with your kids? Take your parents to brunch?

Or did you go yell and scream and act hysterical in front of the White House, or at your local airport?

Evidently for the third straight weekend, there were nationwide protests:

The latest presidential tweets come on an afternoon when MSNBC and CNN were featuring heavy coverage of the nation’s third consecutive weekend of anti-Trump protests. Today’s rallies in New York City, Washington D.C., Los Angeles, Houston, Philadelphia, Miami and West Palm Beach (heading to Trump’s Mar-a-Lago Florida resort, or at least as close as possible) erupted in response to a week of legal back-and-forth over the president’s exec-ordered travel ban.....

In New York, the crowds gathered near the Stonewall Inn, the historic West Village bar that’s become a symbol of gay rights. The afternoon rally was organized to show LGBTQ solidarity with immigrants and refugees targeted in Trump’s executive order.

That last bit is actually sort of funny. It's nice that the LGBTQ crowd is showing such "solidarity" with the would be Muslim immigrants, but you can't help but wonder, do they have any idea how the Muslims feel about them

In any case, the only conclusion I can draw is that for some people, yelling and screaming and feeling self-righteous is fun. Human nature is such that it's hard to get people to do things -- especially in their free time -- that they don't enjoy. 

So they must find the protests fulfilling. 

It's not hard to imagine. You go down to the local gathering spot, get together with a lot of like-minded people, and rage against Trump to your heart's content. It's a little reminiscent of primal scream therapy.

Maybe you're a little hoarse afterward, but you probably feel a lot calmer. And filled with inner peace. Which, judging from a lot of their behavior, is not an emotion they're particularly well acquainted with. 

For instance, I bet this woman, in this now famous video, felt a lot better after her session. 


Anonymous said...

THEY SAY that FAKE PROFESSOR LADY is the same woman who does this soft-shelled crab porn:

it does look like her


John Craig said...

I had heard that she was in fact a performance artists as well as an adjunct teacher at some school other than NYU. But that picture is still a surprise. She actually looks better as a crab, and she's not quite as fat as I would have imagined from that video.

Anonymous said...

Hopefully, the Democratic party is now seen as the party of the loonies. I now personally just expect insanity from the left. Also, I would never spend my time attending rallies where I have to listen to and see unhinged people yelling, screaming, coming unglued over whatever their talking point is.

- birdie

Taylor said...

When you're in a grocery checkout line, or wherever else, and there's a seemingly uncontrollable screaming brat, you've probably thought to yourself that the child only behaves that way because the parents have taught them to think that crying and whining will get them what they want. Similarly, when you kowtow to entire groups of people, you get the same result.