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Monday, February 6, 2017

It's time to plant that false flag

Former Clinton Labor Secretary Robert Reich recently suggested that the recent riots in Berkeley were a false flag operation, and that some of the AntiFa-types dressed in black with their faces covered were in fact Trump operatives trying to discredit the Left.

Well, that's not impossible.

Why not take it a step further and say that all of the protesters of the past few weeks have been Trump supporters trying to make the Left look bad?

After all, they seem to be succeeding in that.

But as long as Reich is hurling accusations, I have a suggestion: these marches and protests do need some participation from the Right.

The most recent protests seem to have focused on Trump's immigration ban for the seven countries which have been home to a significant number of terrorists.

What we need is 15 or 20 people to join each protest, with each person holding a placard which will highlight the ridiculousness and hypocrisy and self-defeating nature of what these people are marching for.

The placards could range from the cryptic to the slightly more satirical. And key to many of these placards will be the juxtaposition of a common liberal phrase with a highly illiberal Muslim belief.

The people holding these signs can't be crew cut Anglo types. These signs should be carried by swarthy guys who look more like me.

Here are a few suggestions:

Rescind the immigration ban! 
                     Jihad forever

Amerikkka must be brought down!
                 Just like San Bernadino

Hands off my pussy!
But feel free to cut off my clit

Death to Trump
     72 virgins await

American citizenship -- a worldwide right

Our diversity is our strength 
             Long live Rotherham

I will not go silently back to the 1950's
     But I will go back to the Middle Ages with Islam

No more apartheid in the US or Israel

(This should give Jewish liberals pause.)

Dump Trump
Elect al-Baghdadi

It's not OK to slut shame!
       Just stone them to death.

Impeach Trump 
  and kill the infidels

More tolerance
for Muslim intolerance

Stone racists (and adulterers) to death!

America loves Muslims
    who throw gays from rooftops

We're all Muslims now!
    And women must wear hijabs

Refugees welcome! 
          Rape us, please

Omar Mateen a martyr for our cause

Death to Donald Trump 
           and Charlie Hebdo

    Let Muslims in
or we will drive trucks over you

Love Trumps hate
    ISIS trumps America

Make America sane again
Madonna for Prez, Ashley Judd for VP

No more hate crimes! 
          Only hate hoaxes

The right side of history
[with a picture of an ISIS beheading]

Our diversity is our strength!
[with a photo of decapitated corpses in orange]

Let's prove Robert Reich right.


Anonymous said...

"Hands off my pussy!
But feel free to cut off my clit"



John Craig said...

As I'm sure you know, that's what some Muslims do to young girls, and it's euphemistically called "female circumcision." And the people who do that are the ones the Left wants to let in, while meantime the feminists get outraged about Western men who stare at them the wrong way, or call them "honey." It's mind-boggling.

(This wasn't an explanation for you so much as it was for anyone who might not have gotten that reference.)

Baloo said...

Yep, and I'm swiping it for a meme.

John Craig said...

Thank you Baloo.

Steven said...

Some of them are obvious right wing point scoring. The good ones are the ones that genuinely confuse or where it really might be a sincere Islamist who is taking part in left activism for its obvious affinity with his cause. If you know what I mean.

John Craig said...

Steven --
True enough.

Dave Moriarty said...

i think the Native Americans may have erred a bit in Their immigration policy. In retrospect Massasoit and the boys might have regretted the open door approach to immigration. They would not be wearing T shirts displaying diversity is our strength.

John Craig said...

Dave --
Some of them, like Massasoit, erred in being friendly, and some of them, like Sitting Bull, just got beaten in war.