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Saturday, November 29, 2008

Economy just fine

Shoppers in Valley Stream, Long Island, trampled a Wal-Mart worker to death shortly after the store opened on Black Friday. The unruly crowd had grown impatient when the store did not open exactly at 5AM as advertised, and burst through the doors, literally crumpling them on their metal hinges. Employees who tried to reach the stricken employee were also also trampled, though none of the other cases were fatal. When the police arrived, they, too, were unable to reach the employee at first because of the unruly crowd.

Some employees had to jump up on soda vending machines to avoid the onrush. When they tried to close the store because of the death, several shoppers grew irate and refused to leave until they had finished their shopping.

Gotta get those Blu-Rays.

Who says personal consumption has fallen off a cliff?


Anonymous said...

Let the mongrels rot, those that fall easily into the clutches of mob mentality deserve little of the limited resource that is empathy.

Anonymous said...

I remember when this happened. People are crazy.

Anonymous said...

When I was in my early twenties, I had a job working downtown Cleveland, OH for Worker's Comp. I basically had to do data entry, filing work. I read some of the worker's comp claims, being amazed by some of the tales, detailing how people either injured themselves and/or died within the work place. Some of the stories were amusing and some of the stories were astounding. Could you imagine being trampled to death at a Walmart store on Black Friday?


John Craig said...

Birdie --
Yes, this would be funny if it weren't tragic. All accident are by definition freak accidents, and we can't go through our lives 24/7 guarding against them, otherwise we'd never have time to think about anything else.