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Sunday, March 29, 2009


Now that Fargo is facing an epic flood, one can only wonder if North Dakotans will go on a looting rampage similar to the one that occurred in New Orleans after Katrina in 2005. (The media at the time suggested that the looters were merely after otherwise unobtainable essentials like food and water, but the news footage I saw showed many of them carrying away designer jeans and the like.)

True, the disasters are on a different scale. But both nonetheless shine a light on the character of the locals.

Will the mayor and a sizable percentage of the police force desert Fargo?

When rescue helicopters arrive, will the citizens of Fargo shoot at them?

If many of the newly homeless from Fargo are relocated in another city, will the crime rates in that city suddenly spike?

Most importantly, if the mayor and governor fail to institute proper evacuation procedures, once the flood is over and the human and economic costs are totaled, will the media then blame President Obama for what happened?

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