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Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Iran cracks down on press

Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei has directed his Revolutionary Guard to shut down "deviant news sites" (read: reformist websites) which encouraged civil disobedience.

Reporters Without Borders, an international group, said yesterday that at least ten Iranian journalists have been detained since Sunday's election.

The government also forbade foreign reporters from leaving their offices in order to witness the demonstrations taking place on the streets of Tehran.

If you're ever trying to figure out who the bad guys -- of either the left or the right -- are, just look for the guys who clamp down on the free flow of information.


Anonymous said...

There is no comparison in degree - but attempts to limit free speech in the US presently seem to come from the Left. The desire to limit conservative talk radio, by various means, originates on the Left. 'Hate speech' rules and laws are also Leftist ideas.

- Ed

John Craig said...

Ed --
I agree (and also agree that there's no comparison with what's happening in Iran and what goes on here). What gets called hate speech here is purely a matter of political opinion. I hear more real animosity emanating from the Left than from the Right -- yet somehow what comes from the left never gets called hate speech. (One man's "hate" is another man's truth.) Contrast the virulence of the hatred directed at George W. Bush to what the Right directs at Obama. No comparison. I was never a fan of Bush myself, but if you take a step back and listen to the emotions coming from both sides, at least in print, there has always been much more catcalling, sneering, and general nastiness from mainstream liberals than from mainstream conservatives, who have always been more easily cowed. The right has Ann Coulter, who gets away with her poison pen because she is a woman. (And it's always been my impression that she is at a certain level more tongue in cheek than her counterparts on the Left, who are legion.) On the left we have guys like Al Franken, who writes a book called "Rush Limbaugh is a Big Fat Idiot." No one comments on what a bitchy title that is because it is standard leftist fare. Talk radio is another matter. I'd have to say that there is an equal amount of hatred coming from both sides there.

Anonymous said...


Glad your back to your writing. Ed Coyne and I are sitting in a restaurant in Queens and we can hear the voice of John Craig come up from the 11th floor of the DAC to begin one of his famous swim workouts and political analysis. Those were really good days John. Gonna be down with Coyne in Florida in a couple of weeks...expect a call. Lots to catch up on.

John Craig said...

Anonymous -- Who are you? You mentioned Ed, but not your own name.

Anonymous said...

Sorry about that. Its Jimmy Fills

John Craig said...

Jimmy -- Good to hear from you! How are you, and how is Joe? And how did you find this site? Actually, send me your email address on another comment (and I won't publish it here).

Anonymous said... Eddie saw one of your swim articles in swim info.