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Thursday, October 21, 2010

Jimmy McMillan

(Jimmy McMillan)

I didn't watch the televised New York gubernatorial debate the other night, but supposedly third party candidate Jimmy McMillan stole the show by repeating several times, "The rent is too damn high."

McMillan's statement resonated with New Yorkers. The movie Men in Black II must have resonated with him. In one scene Tommy Lee Jones and Will Smith get into a scrape with a group of aliens. Jones dispatches a couple of them, then kicks the last one between the legs, to no effect. Mystified, he does it a second time, again to no effect. Will Smith then yells out to him, "He's a Ballchinian!" Jones then pulls down the alien's scarf to reveal his unique anatomy, kicks him there, and the fight ends.

Perhaps that scene will prove instructive to McMillan's gubernatorial rivals.


Anonymous said...

I never saw Men in Black II but my first reaction to the photo of McMillan was that he looked as though he had balls growing from his chin! His resemblance to the Ballchinian is uncanny. Maybe he was the inspiration?

John Craig said...

My guess is it's the other way around, but who knows. I do know that whatever other qualifications of lack thereof a candidate showed, it would be awfully hard for me to take someone with that style of beard seriously.