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Tuesday, October 29, 2013

"Girl crawls out of grave after being raped, buried alive"

If they gave a Nobel Prize for Toughness, this Pakistani girl should be a nominee. The scene could have been straight out of Kill Bill Volume 2.

Local police didn't even want to investigate the incident at first. This is the type of thing feminists (and other) should focus their energies on -- not whether men in Western societies look at women the wrong way.


Quartermain said...

"This is the type of thing feminists (and other) should focus their energies on -- not whether men in Western societies look at women the wrong way."

True, but the fact is that feministas are bullies picking on those who won't fight back and staying away from those who can and will kick their ass.

John Craig said...

Allan --
Good point, and that's why they stay out of Muslim countries for the most part.

Anyway, it's much more fun to act like FEMEN and hold bare-breasted protests against Barbie dolls and modeling shows.

Anonymous said...

Gang rape is but one feature of the vibrant, Subcontinental culture. It's unfortunate that we should have to read about this on an Indian website, when we could (should!) be tasting their culture in person, by allowing more of them to emigrate over here. Simply purchasing a cherry-coke-boysenberry-mountaindew Slurpee from these mystical people is interesting enough, but holding an extra 2 seconds of eye contact, as he hands back your change, allows you to scan his soul for darkness. Why, if his fingernail brushes your hand, you may have just been touched by an honor killer! How thrilling! How lucky we are to have the safari come to us; men from Kipling's day had to risk scurvy, malaria, and monsoons to experience such excitement.
On a more serious note, I hope Sharpton and Jesse team up to sue the Pakis in international court, for stealing Virgin Rape AIDS Cure that was long ago patented and perfected by the Africans. Which particular Africans? Who cares, as long as the hucksters and lawyers keep the profit. They do all the heavy lifting.

John Craig said...

Anon --
Very good.

The majority of Subcontinental people are actually Hindus (just looked it up, roughly 800MM out of 1.2 billion Indians). But there are roughly 160MM Muslims in India and another 180MM in Pakistan, which is plenty of people who support quaint customs such as honor killings and so on.

The thing that always gets me is that all those people -- at the NY Times and elsewhere -- who constantly insist that we should not discriminate against any religions are in effect condoning the sort of behavior described in the article linked to by this post. But they never seem to realize this.

Glen Filthie said...

Yep, and that is what those mongrels are going to bring to our countries if we let them. I was shocked to hear that the idiots in Britain are signing petitions to allow for female genital mutilation because 'It's part of their culture...'.

All I can say is that if that were my daughter, I would go after the perps responsible and to hell with the multiculties and the liberal courts. Sometimes a man's gotta do what a man's gotta do.

John Craig said...

Glen --
Female genital mutilation is something I've never understood. I know it's purpose is to keep females from wandering, but who would ever want to have a wife/girlfriend who had very limited feeing down there? Wouldn't that sorta take all the fun out of it for a husband (not to mention wife)? How insecure must those guys be?

bluffcreek1967 said...

John, I totally agree with you on the female genital mutilation thing. What fun could it be to have sex with someone who wasn't feeling anything?

But I honestly think the type of men who support genital mutilation don't really care what women think or feel. I think these men are so backwards - both intellectually and morally - that what a woman thinks or what she feel is irrelevant to them. These men have very low opinions of women to begin with. Some see them as merely property. These folks, then, are very primitive as I'm sure you're aware.

John Craig said...

Ambrose --
I think you've just summaries the situation perfectly with that one word, "primitive." That's pretty much what it all boils down to.

John Craig said...

Yikes, just noticed that three comments ago I said "it's" when I meant "its" -- the type of mistake I normally sneer at others for.

Also, I would point out to Glen that I am a mongrel myself (see "My revised results"). However, I consider myself a civilized mongrel and do not support female genital mutilation.