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Wednesday, October 21, 2015

"Principal stalls school election results after too many white kids won"

An article in the NY Post just described why Principal Lena Van Haren at Everett Middle School in San Francisco decided to withhold school election results:

"It’s not okay for a school that is really, really diverse to have the student representatives majority white," she said (despite there being absolutely no allegations of fraud of any sort).

Van Haren further explained, “This is complex, but as a parent and a principal, I truly believe it behooves us to be thoughtful about our next steps here so we have a diverse student council that is truly representative of all voices at Everett….[This decision] was not about hurting democracy or putting diversity over democracy."

That, of course, is exactly what her decision was about: putting diversity over democracy. (Does anyone doubt that her decision have been different if black and Hispanic students had been disproportionately elected?)

The article didn't show any pictures of Van Haren, so, curious as to what she looked like, I Google-imaged her and found this:

I had expected a typical middle school principal-looking woman, but Van Haren is surprisingly attractive. She certainly doesn't fall into the bitter-against-the-world-because-she-wasn't-asked-out-to-the-prom cohort. She seems more to be a member of the nice-white-lady-who-doesn't-want-to-offend-anyone club. 

Some of the other pictures of Van Haren are telling. Here she is with two former students: 

Note the tense smile on her face. Alarm bells seem to be going off in her head. ("Don't show any racism! Don't show any racism!!")

Or check this selfie out:

How eagerly she leans towards her student in a game effort to overcome her white privilege! (And note the young black boy's expression of disbelief, disdain, and discomfort as she does so.)

The problem with these nice white ladies is not that they're too dumb to understand that they've been brainwashed, if someone explains it to them properly. It's that they're too nice to step outside the boundaries that have been set by the brainwashers.

This was just about a middle school election of little consequence. But unfortunately, this type of thinking permeates our society at every level. As post-election analysis showed, it was all those white women like Lena Van Haren who were so eager to prove they weren't racist who elected Barack Obama.

And if Van Haren had been in charge of that election, Obama would have won whether he had the votes or not -- you know, to make sure that "all voices" were heard.


Quartermain said...

Is it just me or does liberalism have a death wish? Is it just me or are liberals immune to embarrassment? Public education has gone from bad to worse.

Here is an article by the late Dr. David Yeagley, that this woman reminds me of:

Steven said...

Over-zealous and misguided liberalism. What lesson is this teaching the kids? Democracy doesn't have to be respected if you don't like the outcome. And what does she tell the kids who were fairly elected?

I think I could respect it more if they design a system to gaurentee a certain ethnic and gender composition of the student government, and be honest about what they're doing and why. I don't think a cohesive team should emphasise racial identities and divisions in that way (a sports team would never do that), but at least there's a certain logic to it and a fair result given the rules.

We live in a time of obsession with identity politics. The irony is that the anti-racists, are so obsessed with race. Arguably overcoming racism or overcoming barriers would be achieved better by de-emphasising the importance of race and emphasising our similarities and shared interests. And just having a fair system for everybody.

John Craig said...

Allan --
Yes, it's absolutely pathetic. All of these people think they're somehow proving their essential "goodness" by giving voice to this false ideology. All based on lies.

John Craig said...

Steven --
The only problem is that a fair system wouldn't result in equality of outcome. And that will always be a problem for some "fair-minded" people.

Rifleman said...

It’s not okay.. LOL, very much a White girl expression.

Nice White Ladies is a favorite Steve Sailer term.

Why don't they quit their jobs and give them up to someone more "diverse".

To this day, most public school teachers are Nice White Ladies, so something must be done...

John Craig said...

Rifleman --
You're right, that has to be where I heard the expression first; now that I think about it, I remember it. Oh well. Unconscious plagiarism, I guess.

I've met a bunch of nice white lady schoolteachers around where I live. All are very pleasant, but to the extent that I've talked politics to them, all cling to the liberal line. it just seems to come with the territory. I think for their eyes to really be opened, they have to teach at an inner city school (not just an integrated one). My cousin taught for a while at an inner city school, and while I haven't talked to her directly, I've heard secondhand that at least some of the scales fell from her eyes.

Steven said...

you're right, that's the issue. Its all blamed on white racism and discrimination.

jova said...

many of these women are crazy. The NYT describes a white female who fornicated with her retarded black student. He had the mental capacity of a 3 year old and could not talk and wore diapers...yet she wanted to marry him, and her family supported her.

John Craig said...

Jova --
I had heard of that woman but had never rad about her before. Amazing. And she's a Ph.D, too. The weird thing is, even though white people have higher IQ's, I cannot imagine an educated black woman wanting a relationship with a retarded white guy. In that way blacks just have more common sense than whites. (Not that many whites are as crazy as Stubblefield and her family.)

With a lot of these white women who are so racially self-abnegatory, it's as if they're trying to prove how good they are. It's as if they're members of some weird cult, or some self-flagellating religion. It's all about mortification of the flesh, in a roundabout way.

jova said...

it is bizarre that her Parents and brother supported her relationship with a severely mentally retarded black man. Not only is the cult racially self-abnegatory , but it destroyed her own nuclear family was not enough to already have a black husband and inter-racial children...she had to go full retard and abandon her husband and children.

not sure if she belongs in prison or a mental institution. But I suppose with her high IQ she could have plead insanity. She probably preferred going to prison.

John Craig said...

Jova --
That whole situation reminds me a bit of Rachel Dolezaal and her parents, who had doped those four African children. The craziness didn't start with those women, it started earlier. I once heard that a lot of children show various traits of their parents, in magnified form. Those two certainly did.

Spychiatrist said...

White, naive, and ignorant liberals will soon be sucking hind tit when diversity finishes with them.

Unfortunately these imbeciles will still be flying (and defending) the rainbow banner of diversity as the vibrants slit their throats and rape them bloody.

John Craig said...

Spike --
This unlimited immigration along with the reigning ethos on disparate impact etc actually spells disaster for everybody, the vibrants included.