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Friday, April 7, 2017

Dave Chappelle special on Netflix

This post about Dave Chappelle having gone on steroids has been getting a lot of hits recently. It must be because a lot of people have been watching his new comedy special on Netflix. (He wears a jacket during that performance, almost as if he's embarrassed by his new build, but it's still apparent.)

Anyway, his new Netflix show is great. I was quite pleasantly surprised; I had thought that the steroids would somehow have caused him to lose his sense of humor, but they haven't. At least not yet.

It was almost surprising that Chappelle has many of the same mannerisms from before, but he does. And he's still funny.

If you get Netflix, watch it.

As an aside, I get the impression that Chappelle is sort of a closet Trump supporter, even though he voted for Clinton. This article basically confirms that.

In the special, he says he thinks "Trump is going to make America great accident." He has to add those last two words so as not to put off half his audience; but watching him, you get the sense of a realistic guy.


Luqman said...

It's obvious he is on gear yeah. I'd like to assume it's just TRT, but there are so many lies and obfuscations about this in showbusiness and the fitness world that you never know, he could be cycling a couple of things. All of this stuff has created a warped idea of what a healthy human body should look like in the minds of most people and it's been going on for decades. There seems to me to be a lot of overlap between sociopathy and use of steroids incidentally (and then lying about it of course).

John Craig said...

Luqman --
Yes, a lot of people in show business juice and then tell us about their workout regimen, how they put on 40 pounds of lean muscle at age 32 just by lifting four hours a day and eating lots of protein. Right.

And yes, juicing is a lot like plastic surgery: sociopaths are more likely to do both, then lie about it. However, both are yellow flags as opposed to red flags; non sociopaths do these things too, though they are less likely to lie about it.

europeasant said...

I watched the comedy show. There was some good stuff but I stopped after his "touching or patting the pussy to charge up his super powers bit". It probably could have been pared down to about 30 minutes. I'll see if I can get back to watching it though.
I watch a lot of movies that way. I'll watch about ten or fifteen min and then go on to the next movie. Life is short after all.
If it were possible I'd probably pattern my relations with women that way. Date them for two or so weeks and move on to the next good looking women. In my younger days there sure were a lot of good looking females.I joke with my wife that most of my relationships with women lasted at most two weeks but with her I'd lasted forty plus years.

John Craig said...

Europeasant --
Thanks for taking my recommendation (if you did). Chapelle's delivery can be slow at times, but that's also known as "good comic timing." You're right, it could have been pared down, but to me, if 2/3's of a comedian's jokes hit, that's a fantastic percentage. I can't tell you how many comedians I've seen who don't say a single thing that's actually funny (think Paula Poundstone, Robin Williams, and Dennis Leary). Williams used to make up for his lack of real, cutting humor by being frenetic, and Leary tried to by using a lot of swear words, as if that somehow made him humorous.

That's a smart approach to movies. What I do these days since mostly I watch Netflix and Amazon movies is to watch maybe twenty minutes of a lousy movie, then skip ahead and spend maybe another ten minutes on the movie just to see how it turns out.

You wouldn't want to be with a good-looking woman for more than two weeks?? You had more options than I did when I was young.

europeasant said...

If it wasn't for the laugh tracks, we wouldn't be laughing at all!

On another topic. I watched "Tropic Thunder" last night and I laughed so hard that tears were running from my eyes. But that's scripted and edited of course.

John Craig said...

Europeasant --
I promise you, even with the laugh tracks, I've watched Paula Poundstone and Robin Williams and Dennis Leary and never even cracked a smile.

europeasant said...

"You wouldn't want to be with a good-looking woman for more than two weeks??"

I didn't have a lot of money back then. A one hour date for instance could set me back twenty five to fifty dollars.

Start the laugh track.

John Craig said...

Europeasant --
Oh come on, that sounds like false modesty to me.

arthur thurman said...

Of course, his comedy specials took flak for being politically incorrect. This gatekeeper mentality on speech was old 25 years ago. From the response regarding his Netflix specials, it seems more people are getting tired of it as well.


arthur thurman said...

To clarify my last post, I meant people are tired of being told what they can and can't say. Political correctness is censorship with a fancy name.

John Craig said...

Arthur --
I think it was clear what you meant. I just didn't respond because your comment didn't seem to call for a response. And I agree, there's a big backlash against pc strictures right now, and a lot of Trump's appeal seemed to be based on that.