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Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Please have a seat, Mr. Burris

It sounds as if Roland Burris is about to get his Senate seat. The collective outrage of the Senate Democratic leadership at the gall and corruption of Rod Blagojevich crumbled in the face of political correctness.

Blagojevich gambled, correctly as it turns out, that the Democratic Senators, every last one of whom are white, wouldn't have the nerve to say no to a legally appointed black man who showed up at their doorstep.

But while their resistance lasted, what a delicious image it was: the party of affirmative action and forced busing not allowing its only prospective black member entry into what has been called the most exclusive club in the world.

Well, ahem, yes, we're exclusive, but we didn't mean it that way, we, uh, have nothing against Mr. Burris personally, it's just that, you know, Governor Blagojevich has a cloud over his head, and uh, oh well, please come in Mr. Burris.

Blagojevich must have really enjoyed the spectacle of all the Senators who denounced him squirming.

Now it turns out that Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid had sent Blagojevich a list of four people whom he considered unacceptable as Senator. All four were black men. He also sent the names of two people he did consider acceptable. Both were white women.

Will the mainstream media run with this? Or will they squelch it since Reid is a Democrat?

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