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Saturday, April 4, 2009

G20 protesters

The G20 protesters did themselves proud again ( this past week in London, successfully proving to the world once again that capitalism is wrong.

They demonstrated the superiority of socialism by smashing bank windows and invading the Royal Bank of Scotland offices. At one point, as the police tried to help a man (a nonprotester on his way home from work) who lay dying of a heart attack on the street, the protesters pelted them with bottles, thus illustrating the inherent risks of free trade.

Onlookers previously uncertain about the bank bailout packages were swayed against them by the young Englishwoman who smashed computer monitors inside the Royal Bank of Scotland. Those previously supporting higher CEO compensation were convinced of the error of their ways by the young Lithuanian who set fire to the Venetian blinds inside the offices of the bank.

Thank goodness that even during our current economic crisis there are still some voices of maturity and reason out there. It is demonstrators like these who give reassurance that there is still some sanity left in the world.

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