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Friday, April 24, 2009

Markoff/McAllister update

This morning's NY Post has an article titled, "Craiglist Bride: It's a Frame!"

The first four paragraphs of the article:

"The wedding is still on.

"The fiancee of accused Craiglist killer Philip Markoff insists she's standing by her man, and friends say the nuptials haven't been cancelled.

"'Philip did not commit this crime'," Megan McAllister told People Magazine. 'Unfortunately, somebody else did and needs to be penalized.'

"'Philip was set up', said McAllister."

Ah, young love. I can honestly say that I've never had a woman in my life who had that much faith in me. In fact, the women I've known would have been far more likely to falsely accuse me.

McAllister's father sounded a much saner note: "She's still confident in Phil. Other than that, we're saying a lot of prayers."

The article went on to say, "Megan's confidence could be rocked by news that a handgun found by cops in Markoff's apartment has been identified as the pistol used to murder New York masseuse Julissa Brisman, 26, on April 14 in a Boston hotel room....Markoff's fingerprints were found on a plastic restraint found on Brisman's wrist....His fingerprints were also found on a staircase rail in a Warwick, RI, hotel, where he is suspected of the April 16 attempted gunpoint robbery of a stripper.....McAllister and fellow med school student Markoff plan to wed August 14 on the Jersey shore."

Note to wedding guests: don't buy those gifts just yet.

Strangely, notorious serial killers (and there is no indication that Markoff was a serial killer) always seem to attract jailhouse groupies. Even Ted Bundy managed a jailhouse wedding with a penpal while on Death Row, though he never got to consummate it (which was probably a lot safer for the bride). What kind of girl considers a serial killer to be enough of a rock star to warrant her attention? Does she actually think he's innocent despite all the evidence? On a related note, what is Megan McAllister thinking?

Note to Dr. McAllister: your diagnosis may be wrong. Time to get a second opinion.

Markoff has evidently been placed on suicide watch. Markoff's lawyer, John Salsberg, said, "That transition from being free to being incarcerated has been very difficult for him."

Note to Mr. Salsberg: any word yet on whether the transition from being alive to being dead was difficult for Julissa Brisman, or her family?

Note to self: no appointments with Dr. McAllister.

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