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Friday, May 1, 2009

An exclusive club

Why does the United States acts as if it has the sole right to act as gatekeeper to the nuclear club? Who are we to determine who gets what?

As of now, the nuclear club includes the UK, France, China, Russia, and probably Israel. And the US has deployed nuclear bombs in Canada, Greece, Turkey, Belgium, Germany, Italy, and the Netherlands (all members of NATO). Stable countries all. Right?

China's record on human rights is far from acceptable. France wouldn't even let us fly over their air space when we wanted to get back at Libya in the 1980's for their terrorism. Germany and Italy were our enemies in the last World War. Pakistan seems about to plunge into civil war, with the Taliban on one side and an extremely corrupt government on the other. Israel spies on us and does its best to keep us involved in conflict in the Mideast. Russia was our great adversary in the Cold War, and more recently invaded Georgia.

Hmm.....I wonder what would happen if we told Russia that we considered it simply unacceptable for them to have nuclear weapons. That wouldn't have a pretty outcome.

So we pick on Iran and North Korea instead.

Or what if, say, the European Union told us that we shouldn't have nuclear weapons, since so far we're the only country which has shown any willingness to actually use them, and we did so on a civilian population.

Would it be their place to tell us that?

Is it ours to tell anyone else?

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