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Tuesday, November 10, 2009

I'd vote for this guy

What we need is a no-nonsense leader who will say:

No more foreign adventures, we are not the world cop. Let's pull out of Iraq and Afghanistan immediately and unconditionally. And while we're at it, let's withdraw all aid from the Middle East, we shouldn't be in the business of propping up governments. Let the other countries destroy each other, it's not worth American lives and money.

Collateralized debt obligations and credit default swaps must be regulated like any other security. Firms which want to trade these instruments must put up margin just as with futures and options. Wall Street firms must have capital ratios of no more than ten (times their equity in assets). With those regulations in place, if a Wall Street firm still fails from excessive amounts of the wrong kinds of bets, too bad. You're bankrupt, and so are your shareholders. No more gambling with taxpayer money. And at the banks currently on governmental life support, no one gets paid more than half a million a year. Period.

If a car company goes bankrupt, the bondholders own it. Not the unions. That's the law. The unions -- along with incompetent management and lousy engineers -- are what made the car companies bankrupt in the first place.

We have to take serious steps to balance the budget. Otherwise this is going to be the United States of China.

It's not the government's business to deal with victimless crimes. Let gays do what they want, including marry each other. The government's only role when it comes to sex is to protect children and nonconsenting adults.

No more racial politics. Disparate impact is inevitable in a diverse society. Not all groups have the exact same abilities or inclinations. Affirmative action or any other form of racial spoils systems are out. For college admissions offices to take into account an impoverished background is fine -- that's merely equalizing opportunity, not outcome. If proportionally more blacks than whites get helped, that's fine, too, because they're being helped because they're poor, not because of their race.

No special categories of hate crimes, which is merely affirmative action punishment favoring certain protected groups. The laws regarding violent crime are plenty adequate already.

If you feel abortion is immoral, don't get one. If you want one, go ahead; it just means people with your instincts will go extinct more quickly.

The borders need to be sealed. US citizenship is not the birthright of everyone in the world. And it's also not available to a child whose mother sneaks across the border to have her baby.

My guess is, this is how the majority of the electorate feels. The problem is, neither the Republican nor Democratics offers such a platform. The libertarians do, but they are considered a fringe group. Our two party system is superior to the communists' old one party system, but a system which made room for more than two parties would be even better.

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