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Wednesday, April 7, 2010


The previous post sparked a thought: it's actually a useful exercise for all of us to contemplate what our obituaries might say. Thinking about this can make us take stock, which every now and then is not a bad thing to do.

An easier exercise might be to come up with an appropriate epitaph. (Even this can shock us into some sort of change.) Let's say you have a maximum of fourteen words you are allowed on your gravestone. What would they be?

A few ideas for mine:

"Not nearly as smart as he thought he was."

"Sat behind his computer and watched the world go by."

"He hadn't intended to die like that."

"Another egghead who accomplished nothing of note."

"He always felt that maturity was overrated."

"Didn't really know what he wanted in life; no longer has that problem."

"His children's worst fear was that they would end up like him."

"Worked hard to keep fit; in the end lost the battle."

"Please, please read"

Didn't mean to sound quite so self-pitying; I'm actually having fun with this.

What would your epitaph say?

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