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Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Securing the borders

(Aijalon Mahli Gomes)

The following AP article appeared on Yahoo News this morning:

North Korea sentences US man to 8 years of hard labor

Seoul, South Korea - North Korea has sentenced an American teacher to eight yeas of hard labor and ordered him to pay a $700,000 fine after he crossed illegally into the country - the fourth US citizen to be detained by the isolated regime since last year.

Aijalon Mahli Gomes, of Boston, acknowledged his wrongdoing during his trial at Central Court Tuesday, the North's official Korean Central News Agency said in a brief dispatch on Wednesday.

The North said last month that it arrested Gomes, 30, on Jan. 25 for trespassing after he crossed into the country from China.

Gomes, a graduate of Bowdoin College in Maine, had been teaching English in South Korea and no details had emerged about why he went to the North. However, Jo Sung-rae, a Seoul-based activist, said Gomes may have been inspired by his acquaintance with an American missionary who made a similar trip to the North in December to protest the country's human rights record.

The KCNA report said...."An examination was made of the hostile act committed against the Korean nation and the trespassing on the border of (North Korea) against which an indictment was brought and his guilt was confirmed."

The real indictment, of course, is against the harshness of the North Korean regime, one of the few remaining communist countries in the world.

But on second thought, perhaps we should follow North Korea's lead when it comes to securing our borders. A brief look at the crime statistics for a place like Los Angeles County should be enough to convince anyone that this country would be better off with a bit less "multiculturalism." According to the Los Angeles Times, a full 95% of all warrants for murder in Los Angeles County are for illegal aliens. Los Angeles County's Most Wanted list is 75% aliens.

It is often said that rich people want the illegal aliens here because they do things like pick the crops, but nationally, less than 2% of illegal aliens are picking our crops, whereas 29% are on welfare. And nearly 60% of all occupiers of HUD properties are illegal.

Suddenly eight years of hard labor -- or at least the threat of such -- doesn't seem quite so harsh.

(Perhaps we could show what a superior, enlightened country we are by only imposing a sentence of four years.)


Anonymous said...

Perfectly Stated......

There needs to be some punishment if illegals continue to enter this country.

Maybe we should have them tried by groups of people from their own country who are in line trying to immigrate legally...what kind of punishment do you think would be handed down.
Mad Dog

John Craig said...

Thanks Tom. I doubt their own countrymen would be too harsh on them, they all just want the same thing. We do have to have some form of stricter enforcement, but we're not going to see it under this administration, who just want as big an amnesty as possible in order to secure a permanent Democratic majority.

Anonymous said...

Pat Buchanan wrote an article "Hire Americans First" Oct. 9, 2009 that supports one of your points - the argument that illegal immigrants only take jobs Americans won't do is false.

Among his points is that when there have been large raids against illegals at certain companies, US citizens have lined up to take those jobs, and the companies have been back up and running again in a short time.

He also writes "Illegal aliens gravitate toward jobs in construction, farming, fishing and forestry. Yet native-born Americans outnumber immigrants three to one in construction and two to one in farming, fishing and forestry, according to Steve Camarota of the Center for Immigration Studies. Illegals are thus taking jobs Americans not only will do, but Americans are doing".

Meanwhile Obama is champing at the bit to grant citizenship to the millions of illegal immigrants in the US - just what we don't need.

As an aside, a few words of praise for Pat Buchanan's political commentary. He 'tells it like it is' straighter than any other mainstream commentator I'm aware of - especially on subjects that most mainstream commentators won't even touch. His articles are focused, succinct and logical. He's worth reading.

- Ed

John Craig said...

Ed --
I didn't make that point about illegals taking Americans' jobs, but I agree with it. And I agree completely about Pat Buchanan, he is a brilliant, courageous guy. One measure of his honesty is how much the liberals hate him. He can be read at by the way. I read at least two of his essays a week.