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Monday, February 7, 2011


Hell, if it works the way it ought, is where all sociopaths should go when they die. You have undoubtedly known some of these in your life, even if you haven't known them well enough to recognize their sociopathy. If you're not familiar with the syndrome, just think of the most dishonest, hypocritical, disloyal, destructive person you've ever known. That person was undoubtedly a sociopath. (Now doesn't the idea of the existence of an actual hell suddenly seem more appealing?)

It would be tempting to also send the 20% or so of the population which is narcissistic, but they probably don't quite deserve it.

In any case, a sociopath's hell should consist of reliving all of his victims' experiences of him, and feeling all the  negative emotions he has engendered. Then, he should relieve his own life, but with a conscience installed, feeling the shame and embarrassment that he never felt during his lifetime.

After ten rounds of this, then maybe he can go to heaven.

Or maybe not.

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