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Thursday, February 24, 2011

Kristina Wayborn

While doing the post on the Bond girls, I noticed that most of the women featured had both good pictures and bad. Generally I didn't have a hard time choosing their best picture. But with Wayborn, I had a hard time since there were several that just made me ache.

In keeping with the recent superficial theme of this blog, I would like to share those pictures with my readership -- who generally prefer, or so I've been told, to be my viewership anyway:

I have no idea what heaven is like. But I would imagine when you first get there, your guide -- if you're a guy -- must look something like Wayborn. The two of you are walking along a mountainside in a place that resembles Hana, Maui, except that it's more lush and less humid. The ambient temperature is around 75 degrees, and though the sun is shining you are on a shaded path. She seems to know everything about you; but there is no disapproval in the way she looks at you, merely gentle bemusement. She is explaining what is in store for you in heaven, but hasn't mentioned sex with her as one of the possibilities. Nonetheless, you can tell from her expression and general demeanor that should you so desire, she'd be willing. In the meantime you're so awestruck at the beauty of your surroundings, and of your guide, that it actually robs you of any physical desire.

Yep. I'm gonna be good.

Well, maybe not. But if I really believed in that version of heaven, I wouldn't even jaywalk.

(Trying to remember: when was it exactly that this blog became soft core porn?)

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