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Monday, October 29, 2012

Waitin' for Sandy

Sitting here, waiting for the hurricane, with everything on the East Coast closed down, the whole place has a little bit of a last-days-of-Pompeii feel to it.

The wonderful thing about an event like this is that it brings everyone's personality out in full bloom. The people you would expect to do so are running around preparing for the Apocalypse, while others are more nonchalant.

Even the politicians, like characters in a well-written screenplay, are all behaving completely in character.

Governor Christie of New Jersey told residents of his state, "Don't be stupid" (i.e., evacuate if you live on the coast).

The only thing more Christie-like he could have said is, "Stop being such a bunch of goddamn morons!"

New York City Mayor Bloomberg delivered a ten minute speech in a nasal monotone, droning on to residents about all the precautions they should take.

The only thing more Bloomberg-like would have been to go on for another fifteen minutes.

And President Obama read from a Teleprompter about how the federal government was "working effectively" with state and local governments to, essentially, save us all.

The only thing more Obama-like would have been to claim that the hurricane was all Bush's fault.

After Sandy passes, expect everyone to continue acting in character.


Anonymous said...

John, As usual, that was quite funny--or else I just like your sense of humor and perspective. Not that I'm happy about this per se, but I see this as more fear mongering and media hype than much to worry about in reality. That said, I do believe strongly in Murphy's Law, so maybe this will turn out to be really bad. And like I often say "1.3 billion Chinese don't care". Thanks, Brian

John Craig said...

Thanks Brian. I'm not saying this one's not going to be bad, merely that the event is bringing everyone's personality to the fore.

I agree about the Chinese.