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Saturday, April 27, 2013

Pavlovian reaction

Just saw this picture on Iowahawk's blog:

He has a great blog, but I have to differ with his taste in women.

All my life I've been surrounded by guys who see blonde hair and big tits and automatically go crazy. The women above do absolutely nothing for me.

First of all, none have the kind of refined features you could describe as beautiful. (They put me in mind of Cinderella's stepsisters.) Secondly, they all look stupid. (They look sorta like porn stars, but less intelligent.)

Third -- and this is most damning in my book -- they all look as if they expect you to burst through your pants at the mere sight of them.

There's nothing less attractive than a woman who parades around thinking herself a sex symbol.

I know, I know, attraction is purely subjective, so for me to rant about this is obviously silly. And I understand that most guys prefer large breasts to small ones, which has something to do with why more women get implants than breast reduction surgery.

But to me, none of those women look like they'd be worth the trouble, and even if they were no trouble at all, I still couldn't be bothered.

Another thing: a woman's beauty is a function of her her cheekbones, lips, and eyes. Hair color has as little to do with real beauty as the style of hat a woman might happen to be wearing. I've never understood guys who feel that blonde hair equals beauty.

Every time I go to some place like Spain or Yugoslavia (that's what it was called when I was last there), I always end up wishing I'd grown up there instead, because the women there generally don't strive for the over-stuffed, over-proud look of the Miss Valvolines above.

And, I wouldn't have had to grow up feeling like an outcast whenever all my buddies would go ape over some wannabe Pamela Anderson. (It's easy for a grown man to say "She does nothing for me," harder for a 15-year-old boy.)


W O D said...

The blonde hair and fake breasts are really cheating.

Not attractive and it really shits me that they get so much attention. It won't change anytime soon either. I blame men for going gaga over them, especially in the West, we need to act more like eastern european/russian men then they wouldn't be so stuck up.

Another thing is they often have really narrow hips which I don't like. Other dudes will be checking them out and I think "she's got no hips!".

John Craig said...

W O D --
I've heard that Europeans make fun of us for the seemingly high number of well-muscled, lantern-jawed women with implants we have. They refer to them as American men with breasts, or something like that. The three in the photo I included don't fit that description, they're all feminine enough, with them it's just that none of them are really pretty, but you know they're going to get a lot of attention and be treated as if they are.

bluffcreek967 said...

I generally like a more subtle or subdued look on a woman; one that isn't so overtly sexual, yet one that's sexy and feminine enough for me to take notice. Women who dress classy, feminine and somewhat "proper" (so to speak) usually get my attention. And if they have pleasant personalities to match, that definitely peaks my interest.

But the woman who fashions herself after Pamela Anderson or some other blonde, over-tanned bimbo type, doesn't do much for me. They're a dime a dozen, looking and acting all the same, not very bright, and much too preoccupied with their looks. Vanity is so ugly.

John Craig said...

Ambrose --
Amen. What you're describing is essentially the Anglo version of the "Jersey Shore" personality.

Quartermain said...

I wonder how many of them are real blonds as opposed to bottle blonds.

John Craig said...

Allan --
If you're talking about the three in the photo, my guess is that all three have at least been touched up.