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Tuesday, September 30, 2014


I got added to my wife's Netflix account two days ago, so on Sunday night stayed up late watching Skyfall again. I was practically falling asleep by the end, and somehow I kept imagining the various characters as being really tired. At each new scene, I would think, how does James Bond have the energy to do that, he must really be sleepy after all those exertions. I wasn't even fully aware of my thought process until the next morning. Anyway, I guess I'm as guilty of projection as anybody.

Monday morning while I should have been paying attention to stocks I wandered over to Netflix, and started watching 3 Days to Kill, a dumb-but-entertaining action flick. I hadn't intended to watch the entire thing, but ended up doing so.

When I was in high school I smoked a fair amount of marijuana. When I was in college, I got black out drunk twice. I've taken mescaline. I overeat at least twice a week. And I take my ego out for a stroll on a regular basis. (Actually, it would probably be more accurate to say it takes me all sorts of places.)

But I don't think I've ever felt quite so self-indulgent -- downright degenerate, as a matter of fact -- as I did watching an entire two hour movie starting at 10AM on a Monday morning.

Late yesterday afternoon I watched Get the Gringo, which stars Mel Gibson. Mel doesn't seem to have quite the pull in Hollywood that he used to, not sure why, so the movie wasn't a big hit. But it should have been, as it's quite enjoyable.

Early yesterday evening I watched Pumping Iron, the 1977 documentary about body-building featuring a young Arnold Schwarzenegger. It was fairly interesting, though not quite as good as most of its reviews.

Then last night I watched two old episodes of The Rockford Files which featured a pre-Magnum PI Tom Selleck as Lance White, the comically too-perfect detective. (Season 5 Episode 4, and Season 6 Episode 7, if you have Netflix.) The shows weren't quite as funny as I had remembered, but were still excellent.

This morning I intend to pay more attention to the stock market.

I'd even consider buying some Netflix stock if the price/earnings ratio weren't quite so high.


Steven said...

They hate Mel Gibson in Hollywood because of his antisemitism as revealed by well publicized antisemitic rants.

I don't think they were too happy about passion of the Christ either.

Obviously in Hollywood you'll get ostracized for antisemitism faster than it takes Rosie O'Donnell to make a cake dissapear.

Or, alternatively, you were alluding to that and I'm slow.

John Craig said...

Steven --
You're not slow, but you evidently think I am. Yes, I was making a little joke about the career suicide he committed with some of his drunken comments, and with Passion of the Christ.

Steven said...

Well, you've taken so many drugs...


It was a little too subtle for me.

Steven said...

When you are being subtle, you have to spell it out.

John Craig said...

Steven --
You're right, the drugs have left their mark.

And I guess a joke in that format should be clearer. In retrospect I should have written, "I have no idea why" instead of "not sure why," but I won't change it now or all these comments won't make any sense.

Spychiatrist said...

John I haven't had cable television since 1994. Don't miss it either, however, I have had Netflix for two years and I really enjoy it. It's totally worth $8/month in my opinion.

BTW, I want you to watch the Breaking Bad series in its entirety and then I'd like to see your critique here on the blog. I'm a fairly discriminating TV viewer and I was really impressed with the BB series. Excellent acting, witty dialog, metaphor galore and original ideas; not to mention characters that I could personally relate.

John Craig said...

Spike --
It did occur to me last night the twits Netflix I don't really ned cable anymore. (Though I do enjoy those nature shows.)

I promise ill watch at least one BB episode (not the entire thing, that's too much homework!) and report back at some point. (If I don't, remind me.) I know a lot of people swear by it.

Steven said...

Breaking Bad is good but my favourite is Justified.

hey John, do you buy stocks then sell them soon after or do you invest in a more long term way like like I've seen Warren Buffet advocate?

John Craig said...

Steven --
I"m with you on that, Justified is my favorite TV show. I've always been a huge Elmore Leonard fan; sometimes his stuff has translated well to the screen, sometimes not, but Justified is definitely one of the success stories (even if it was only based on one of his characters and not entirely written by EL).

Regarding stocks, it varies from situation to situation, I do both.

Steven said...

Raylan is great but Boyd steals the show. What a charismatic character!

Dave Moriarty said...

Netflix helped my kids in vocabulary . Watching 24 on Netflix we were able to teach them the meaning of the word defenestration when Jack Bauer helpfully tossed a couple terrorists out the window. Prior to that, it was difficult to teach the kids how to use defenestration in a sentence

John Craig said...

Steven --
I"m not with you on that one. I prefer Raylan, although I agree Boyd is great. (I generally prefer dry to florid.)

John Craig said...

Dave --
Ha! That sounds similar to something my wife threatens me with occasionally, though the word isn't exactly "defenestrate."

Steven said...


its best to defenistrate while on the road. ;-)