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Friday, September 26, 2014

Eric Holder

In a sane society an Attorney General responsible for Fast and Furious would have been forced from office early on.

In a sane society, any AG who stonewalled Congress the way Holder did would have been forced to resign.

In a sane society any AG who ignored hundreds of cases of the black-on-white knockout game, then brought Federal hate crimes charges against the lone white man who played it against a black man would be shamed out of office.

In a sane society, no AG would ever inveigh against a requirement for voter IDs, since doing so effectively promotes voter fraud.

In a sane society, any AG who completely ignored IRS targeting of conservative political groups would be considered derelict of duty, and forced from office.

In a sane society, no AG would suggest that school expulsions be meted out in a racially proportionate manner, rather than according to who has misbehaved.

In a sane society no AG would travel to Ferguson, Missouri, to investigate the shooting of a black 18-year-old who had just reached into a police car to punch a police officer and grab at his gun. (Did Holder pay the scantest attention to the case of the white 22-year-old who was shot a few days later -- for less reason -- by a black police officer in Salt Lake City?)

But, we don't live in a sane society. And Eric Holder remained in office for six long years.

I always got the sense that Eric Holder was Barack Obama's id. He pushed for the causes that Obama wanted but couldn't quite give voice to for political reasons.

Obama actually thought that when he became President that the world would see that a "good" (read: leftist, of color) President was now in office, and all the resentment against the United States would simply evaporate. He could then forget about waging wasteful, pointless foreign wars and focus on what he really wanted: helping black people in this country by any means possible. (This is what Obama referred to as the need for "redistributive change" on a radio program before he because President.)

So, Obama has appointed leftists to office who share his domestic priorities. Foremost among them has been Eric Holder, whose viewpoints and agenda are virtually identical to Al Sharpton's, even if Holder is a shade more subtle about them.

Unfortunately for Obama, it turned out that the rest of the world did not have the same regard for him that he has for himself, and resentment against the United States runs as high as ever. Unwelcome foreign crises have arisen, most recently the threat from ISIS. So Obama has been forced, extremely reluctantly, to turn his attention to world affairs.

But at least he's had Eric Holder pushing for the types of changes closest to his own heart.


Spychiatrist said...

And John, the moral of your story is.......we live in an insane world.

With pathological personalities in charge of it.

I'd like to see for just once in my life that some of these high criminals would actually go to prison. Just once. That's all that I'm asking.

John Craig said...

Spike --
No question about it.

The sad thing is, it seems more and more that you HAVE to be pathological/sociopathic to get to the top in politics.

Baloo said...

You are reprinted and quibcagged! Good one!