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Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Liberal thought, via Dixon Diaz

A friend forwarded this cartoon the other day:

It's by Dixon Diaz, whom I'm not familiar with. I don't know how much play this has gotten elsewhere, but thought it worth reposting.


Mark Caplan said...

The male jihadi martyr is greeted in heaven by 72 dark-eyed virgins. I wonder whether female jihadi martyresses enjoy the same welcoming committee. What is the heavenly reward for pious Muslim women? Do they get to drive? Or is just not getting beaten anymore enough of a reward?

John Craig said...

Mark ---
Ha! That's a very good question. I like your suggestions though.

Steven said...

Marty's get 72 mother in laws too.

Women do have rights in Islam though. I think it was actually progressive in the 7th century Arab world...perhaps not so much now.

They have rights of inheritance but get half of what men get. I think this kind of thing was progressive at the time.

They have the right to divorce on numerous grounds (including the husband's impotence, madness, failure to fulfill other duties) and they have the right to male children up to the age of 7 and female children up to puberty (considered 9). But after those ages, the man gets to have the children, which I think deters women from divorcing.

Education is said to be compulsory for every Muslim which effectively gives girls a right to education. There are actually high levels of female university attendance in the Arab world, although they often leave to become housewives. Women make up 70% of the students at Saudi institutes or higher education but only 18% of the native workforce.

Female circumcision is said to be a cultural practice and isn't compulsory in Islam. I also doubt anything was said by Muhammad about driving. The arguments for it in Saudi are indirect ie driving involves uncovering the face; driving may lead women to go out of the house more often; may lead women to interact with non-relative males etc. & that's only one country. I'm not sure about the scriptural arguments about the full face veil...some clearly insist its compulsory but only a minority of Muslim women wear it internationally I think. If it is compulsory, that is horribly oppressive.

Islam is basically very socially conservative, similar in some ways to old school Christianity. It sees men and women as having different roles and duties- men make the money, women raise the kids- and the man is the leader of the family. Its actually the kind of patriarchal set up that somebody like CH wants to be restored in the west.

Good cartoon though in the basic point it is making.

Anonymous said...

Spartan said…

I get the fact that most liberals have a few screws loose to begin with, but I would have thought that even the most demented liberal would hate Islam. Islam stands for everything libs hate. For the life of me, I just can't understand why a gay loving, feminist would want to import millions of homophobic sexists. I have a theory and I'd like to throw it out to you. The liberals arch enemy are straight white males. I mean, to a good liberal, whites are the cancer of the Earth. For the most part, Islam is a non-white religion. Because they're non-white, the mentally ill liberals look at them as being victim of white supremacy and global colonialism.

John Craig said...

Spartan --
I think you're right. I think political correctness is all about weakening straight white males, especially of the Christian variety.

Dave Moriarty said...

not only is trump going to win the election he is going to win in a landslide as people are fed up with PC Bull***t

John Craig said...

Dave --
Sure hope you're right. At the moment, the Electoral College math doesn't look good, but polls have consistently underestimated Trump's strength.

Then again, most people underestimate the amount of electoral fraud that goes on. I doubt that the ACORN-types will work their mischief for Hillary with the same enthusiasm they did for Obama, but you never know….

Unknown said...

That is so dam scary