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Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Hillary's soulmate

I said last July that Donald Trump reminded me of Goldfinger. It just hit me yesterday who Hillary --

-- reminds me of:

Much of the current resemblance is convergent, given that both Hillary and Madonna are bottle blondes who've had countless plastic surgeries. But they were not entirely dissimilar when young:

(Yes, that's Madonna, believe it or not.)

But the physical resemblance pales next to their psychic similarity. Neither woman has an ounce of honesty or genuineness to her personality. Hillary, despite her claims of consistency, has reinvented herself and her political positions countless times. Madonna, of course, is a chameleon who has reinvented herself too many times to count.

Look at the way Madonna affected a British accent for a while, just as Hillary put on that fake black accent in '08 when she went into that black church. Both are indicative of a person missing a central core.

Both are nasty and self-centered. The Arkansas State Police assigned to guard Hillary ended up the targets of her abuse. And Secret Service personnel consider being assigned to Hillary the worst posting possible. Madonna's diva-ish demands and temper tantrums are well-documented.

Both women are money-grubbers, though Madonna earns her money legitimately. Much of the other Material Girl's cash comes via her personal slush fund, the Clinton Foundation, which received bribe money in exchange for favors she doled out as Secretary of State.

And everything is an act with both women.

The main difference between them seems to be that Hillary's drug of choice is reportedly alcohol, which has left its mark:

Whereas Madonna's is rumored to be steroids:

It's hard to escape the feeing that you've seen both of these women way, way too many times. And when someone is always pretending to be something she's not, it's even more tiring to watch her.

Isn't it time for us, one way or another, to retire both of them?


arthur thurman said...

The latest disclosure that the DNC was in the bag for Hillary from the get go will phase none of her supporters. That Bernie can sell his soul for 30 shekels of silver should surprise no one. There is no perfect options of course, but at least with Trump we might, just maybe have a sliver of a chance.

John Craig said...

Arthur --
It's been heartening to see that Trump's poll numbers have gone up and he's now ahead of Hillary. Who knows what happens for the rest of this week, but so far the Democratic convention has been a disaster. But you're right, if her hard core supporters haven't been put off by all the Clinton Foundation revelations, and the email scandal, they won't be put off by the DNC having corrupted the entire process.

Steven said...

With all the stuff happening in Europe, I wouldn't be surprised if Trump does retire her. There's been some kind of attack every day. I just hope we are realising the pitfalls of Muslim mass migration to Europe...even a very small percentage of them can cause havoc. and when their numbers grow much larger, who knows what kinds of division and disorder and conflict could come about. do we really need to accommodate the mass of them more than we need to maintain unity and order and peace in our own domain?

John Craig said...

Steven --
Well put. And agreed, every one of these incidents wins more support for Trump. And maybe even more so, the cop killings here in the US. The lines are pretty clearly drawn there.

Blue said...

@Arthur I'm just worried that Trump might end up being to Republicans what Obama was for Democrats. A lot of hype and false hope that ended up going nowhere.

I'm still voting for Trump though. I doubt any kind of wall will be built but I hope Trump's administration will put more enforcement towards deporting illegal aliens and going fines to businesses that hire them. It would also be nice to have a president for at least 4 years that is not obsessed with stupid identity politics. Can't take identity politics anymore.

I'm watching the DNC now and it seems from the first minute it started, it's been NOTHING but identity politics. Even during the roll call the delegates was whining about identity politics. I don't think I heard anything about what actual policies they want.

Anonymous said...

I watched an older interview last week (via the internet) by a former secret service agent of the Clintons, Gary Byrne (who was promoting a book that he'd written about the character disordered husband/wife duo). Basically, he revealed that Hillary has a Jekyll-and-Hyde personality, that she is UNFIT to act as President of our country. What's maddening is that I've talked to other women recently who for whatever reason dislike Trump and are planning to vote for Clinton. One woman actually told me that she would move to Canada if Trump became president (which I thought was completely insane). I have educated myself about the Clintons and have concluded that they are a dangerous duo.


John Craig said...

Birdie --
Yes, the Democratic line is that Trump is temperamentally unfit to be President, since he has responded to political attacks with personal insults. But look at Hillary: according to several accounts, she would claw at her husband's face, punch him, and throw things at him when she was having one of her tantrums. Which is indicative of a more volatile personality, responding with insults or with fists? And the basic conceit of the Democratic line is that if you insult someone, you might as well be pressing the nuclear button; does anyone really think that Trump does not know the difference?

Anonymous said...

Madonna and Hillary both urge (disastrous) virtues on others, which they do not practice themselves.

in that youtube video we see (and hear) Madonna singing John Lennon's "Imagine" in Paris, after (I forget which one THERE ARE SEVERAL) an Islamist jihadi massacre there...

she sings the song, telling the victimized French people ("imagine there's no countries") to victimize themselves further, to give away their nation

but when she sings "imagine no possessions," that does not mean that me and some homeless people can go to Madonna's mansion with a wheelbarrow and take her canned goods and shoes

Madonna is lying feelgood hypocrite happytalk whore, posing as some type of moral authority...AS IS HILLARY as well

(another good shot on your part, O MISTER CRAIG)


John Craig said...

"Madonna is lying feelgood hypocrite happytalk whore, posing as some type of moral authority...AS IS HILLARY as well"

You put it better and more succinctly than I did.