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Thursday, July 28, 2016

The Clinton Foundation during a Hillary Presidency

Hillary's exchange of political favors in return for donations to the Clinton Foundation while she was Secretary of State has been well documented. She regularly took countries off the State Department's Human Rights Watch after they would make a donation to the Clinton Foundation.

After Frank Giustra donated 32.7 million to the Clinton Foundation, Hillary's State Department approved a deal allowing a Russian state-owned venture to buy a company controlled by Giustra which controlled the rights to roughly 20% of North America's uranium supply.

In 2011 Hillary spent $178 million of State Department money on a new embassy in Norway -- over the objections of diplomats in Oslo -- after Norway contributed between $10 and 25 million to the Clinton Foundation.

Hillary's State Department approved $165 billion in arms sales to Clinton Foundation donors, roughly twice what they were allowed during the previous four years.

And while Hillary condemns those against gay marriage in this country, the Clinton Foundation took in over $25 million from countries that punish homosexuality with either jail time or lashes and stoning.

Think how much more leverage Hillary would have as President. Instead of just approving business deals, she could do far more. Say, for instance, Iran decides to invade Iraq. Ordinarily, the US would feel obliged, in the name of restoring the balance of power in the Middle East, to retaliate militarily.

But if the Ayatollahs gave a hefty donation to the Clinton Foundation, well, all of a sudden Hillary might see things a different light. Time to pull back the Seventh Fleet! Call off those F-22 Raptors! Mission aborted!

Hey, Iraq had it coming anyway.

And by "hefty," I'm not talking about a measly little twenty or thirty million dollar donation of the type that bought her influence as Secretary of State.

No, buying the President is far more expensive. We're talking at least a billion dollars here.

If you had oil money, wouldn't you spend a billion to save your country?

And given how enterprising the Clintons are, well, when you think about it, there's really no need to have to wait around for a hostile invasion on the part of the foreign country.

How might a state dinner feting the Sultan of Brunei go? Hillary could make a toast, and afterwards, Bill could get down to the nitty gritty with the Sultan. "Nice little country you got there. Be a real pity if something happened to it."

Then Bill could shrug and spread his arms in a helpless gesture. "You know, I'm having a hard time keeping my generals under control."

The Sultan would get the message. And the Clinton Foundation would replenish its coffers to continue its good deeds.

Nor would the Presidency mean that military threats would have to be made. There are a lot of people who feel the carried interest deduction for hedge fund managers should be abolished: why should their management fees be taxed at the long term capital gains rate?

But hey, if an industry association would just get together and make a billion dollar contribution to the Clinton Foundation, well, maybe we can put that one on the back burner for another four years or so.

The Clintons may have been "dead broke" after leaving the White House the first time. But Hillary has no intention of making that mistake again.


Anonymous said...

Bill and Hillary Clinton make my blood boil, husband and wife psychopathic couple. They have had more scandals than anyone, period, displaying zero remorse, shame, or embarrassment over their shenanigans. That's a huge clue right there that these two crooks are flat-out disordered. God forbid that Hillary becomes our next President - too scary to contemplate. She is like the Jezebel character in the Bible.


John Craig said...

Birdie --
A long time ago, I used to think that Hillary was a decent person who had just been corrupted by having been married to Bill and having been given so much power, directly or indirectly. But recently I've come around to the view that she herself is a sociopath. In fact, reading the accounts of Arkansas State Troopers and Secret Service personnel, it sounds as if she's the more unbalanced of the two. And yes, there are so many parallels that can be drawn with her. Madonna, Jezebel, Lady MacBeth, Imelda Marcos.....

Anonymous said...

The woman will lie, cheat, and steal to get what she wants (and has done so, plenty of times throughout her lifetime). One thing I've realized about Hillary is that she is a master at lying, doing so easily, without blinking an eye. Hillary doesn't seem to display any anxiety when she's been caught in the past, having committed actual crimes. She just goes merrily along, slippery as an eel.


John Craig said...

Birdie --
Yes, not an ounce of genuineness to the woman. And when she's not lying, she's simply sidestepping a question. never gives a straight answer to anything.

Dave Moriarty said...

Trump ought to make more hats:

Hilary: The best President money can buy

Luqman said...

John what do you think about Hillary being Bill`s handler? It certainly seems she has him on a leash nowadays. Both of their careers seem to be setup for Hillary`s ultimate benefit, not Bill`s.

Your hypothesis of sociopathy being secondary to a lack of connection formed with someone outside oneself in a critical period of childhood seems very sound to me. What then does this imply about Chelsea? Either she is herself a sociopath or she is a victim of her parent`s manipulations. It could be coincidental that her husband and Huma Abedin`s husband seem quite similar but I think it is worth considering that both unions are Clinton (Hillary specifically) arranged.

John Craig said...

Luqman --
I think Hillary just does the best she can with her political partnership with Bill, reminding people that the 90's were basically good times for America, giving her husband credit for that, and avoiding mention of any of his foibles. He knows he's on a short leash these days, at least when he's in public.

I've wondered about Chelsea myself. She seems to have inherited her parents' instinct for self-serving dealings, as I mentioned (and mostly just linked to) here:

I did think it was strange when she got married that she would marry into a family where the father had been convicted of fraud, but when you think about it, that family is really, as you say, not all that different from her own. My personal theory about Huma Abedin's marriage is that it was arranged simply as a cover for Huma Abedin's relationship with Hillary; it seems pretty obvious that the two of them are lovers, and that Anthony Weiner was merely a beard. Why else would Abedin have "stuck by him" after all those scandals?