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Sunday, November 6, 2016

Karen McDougal vs. Huma Abedin

An article in the NY Post yesterday claimed that the National Enquirer, owned by American Media, Inc, bought exclusive rights to, and then refused to publish, a story about Karen McDougal, a former Playboy Playmate of the Year, who has claimed an affair with Donald Trump while he was married to Melania. The article featured this picture:

It does seem likely that an affair did take place. There are pictures of the two of them together --

-- and few men could resist a woman who looks like that. For her part, McDougal probably saw Trump as someone who could get her into the Miss Universe pageant or onto The Apprentice.

The scuttlebutt is that David Pecker, CEO of AMI and longtime friend of Donald Trump, smothered the report as a favor to Trump.

In any case, the point of this post is not the extramarital nature of Trump's affair. Hillary was rumored to have had affairs with Vince Foster and Webb Hubbell, and it is widely assumed that she and Huma Abedin are now an item:

Hillary seems to have been attracted to someone who is her opposite number physically: dark, relatively lean, and youthful. (Bear in mind, Huma has worked for Hillary in some capacity or other since she was in college.) Huma, for her part, was undoubtedly entranced by her proximity to such a famous person.

But what conclusions can we draw from these relationships, other than that Trump, as a heterosexual billionaire, has had access to better-looking women than Hillary has?

One way to look at it would be to say that Hillary is less superficial than Trump, less interested in bedding a woman purely for her aesthetic appeal.

That may be true. On the other hand, it's hard to imagine that if McDougal turned up on Hillary's doorstep, eager to work for her campaign and equally eager to jump into bed with the candidate, that Hillary would say no.

Huma, a graduate of George Washington University, is probably a little more cerebral than Karen, a fitness model and motorcycle enthusiast:

Maybe this means that Hillary is more interested in intelligent female sexual partners than Trump is.

Hillary's relationship with Huma has endured for 20 years now, whereas Trump's affair with McDougal reportedly spanned only 10 months. You could view this as evidence of steadfastness. Or, as having to settle for what you can get.

All of these things can be weighed in the balance when judging the two candidates, though, realistically, these relationships are but a minor point when considering whom to vote for.

But in a larger sense, it's hard to escape the conclusion that the two women represent, in microcosm, the candidates' visions of what they want this country to be.

Abedin was born in Michigan, but at age two her parents moved to Saudi Arabia, where Abedin lived until age 18, spending her formative years absorbing strict Muslim values. Her mother is the editor of the Journal for Muslim Minority Affairs, which was funded by Saudi national Abdullah Omar Naseef, who also funded al Qaeda. Huma herself worked there

Abedin's marriage to Anthony Weiner was likely a sham from the start, a cover for her relationship with Hillary. And she likely views the Midwest -- where she was born -- as flyover country, nothing more.

McDougal, on the other hand, is the Midwest. She is of Cherokee, Irish, and Scottish descent, and spent her formative years in Indiana and Michigan. From Wikipedia's description of her early life:

McDougal studied tap dance and ballet as a child. Her childhood dream, prior to teaching and modeling, was to become a ballerina. She attended River Valley High School and became a cheerleader, band member, color guard, volleyball and softball player, as well as Michigan state champion clarinet player for 4 years in a row in high school. Her high school nickname was "Barbie" due to her wholesome sweetness. After graduating high school in 1989, she attended Ferris State University at Big Rapids, Michigan, majoring in Elementary Education.

After Ferris State, McDougal's life took some unlikely turns: she essentially ended up making a career out of her looks, as some beautiful women do. But at heart, she is as American as cheerleading, Harley Davidsons, and Playboy centerfolds.

This seems to be what Trump finds appealing (even if he didn't select McDougal for all of those reasons).

Huma Abedin represents Hillary's America: increasingly LGBT, increasingly Muslim, and increasingly composed of aggrieved minority blocs demanding special privileges.

Take your choice.


Anonymous said...

Hey John, there are a few typos in your article:

Huma-n-, for her part, was undoubtedly entranced by her proximity to such a famous person.

Huma-n- herself worked there.

I guess autocomplete likes to make Human out of Huma. By the Humas looks always remind me of the wife of George Clooney.


John Craig said...

Sebastian --
Thank you very much, those have been corrected. Autocorrect also changes "Abedin" to "abed in," but I caught those first time around.

I see what you mean, there is a resemblance, though one is good-looking and the other not.

Steven said...

You could have been a bit more daring with the photos. I know you've google imaged her!

Steven said...

To be fair to Human, she doesn't seem to have adopted those strict Muslim values. She dress like a modern woman and is allegedly engaging in strictly forbidden lesbocious activities, and we don't really know what her attitude to either Saudi Arabia or the Midwest is. She might have found Saudi terribly oppressive.

Interesting connection to make though between the two women and the candidates' America. It works well enough for the article I guess.

John Craig said...

Steven --
Ha, you better believe I Google-imaged McDougal. The problem is, if you put in one of those off-color pictures, and someone complains, you have to take it down, and I didn't feel like bothering with that. Plus, the subject is somewhat serious, and more "daring" photos would have detracted from that.

I doubt that Huma found strict Muslim values all that oppressive, given that she is still a practicing Muslim, according to Wikipedia. And her mother and brothers are ardent Muslims (all have ties to the Muslim Brotherhood), so it would not stretch credulity to imagine that Huma feels some loyalty to such a viewpoint. I've even heard it speculated on the internet that she could be a spy. In any case, the point of the post was not the differences between McDougal and Abedin so much as it was the difference in worldview between Trump and Clinton.

Anonymous said...

Hillary supposedly has been a lively one. She and Bill were swingers during their days in Arkansas. Recently, it's come out (with the latest FBI investigation, courtesy of the NYPD) that Bill and Hillary like children, possibly having been involved in an orchestrated child sex ring. If this is true (and with this couple, I don't doubt it), I hope they're both prosecuted. Their criminal activity makes you gasp.

- Susan

Steven said...

yeah you googled her and you went straight for the ass photo didn't you, you old dog.

I know, because I did too.

yikes the Muslim brotherhood. A spy taking one for the team ha.

John Craig said...

Susan --
I think there was some kind of false report circulating about Hillary's involvement in some such ring that was put out by a satirical site this past week. But Bill Clinton has reportedly been a passenger aboard Jeffrey Epstein's private jet on numerous occasions. and has traveled with him to so-called "Sex Slave Island" as well. So who knows......I've never seen anything about Hillary that would indicate to me she's a child molester, and I doubt Bill is either, though it wouldn't be surprising to find out he has dallied with slightly underage females given that he hangs out with Epstein so much.

John Craig said...

Steven --
I'm not admitting anything.

More seriously, I'm certainly not saying Abedin is a spy; just saying I've heard it speculated. Of course, I'm speculating in this post as well, I certainly don't; have proof that Trump had an affair with McDougal, and neither do I have proof that Clinton has had one with Abedin. But in those cases, common sense would tell you that the odds of both having occurred are overwhelming.

Anonymous said...

I use to think the existence of the illuminati was possibly far-fetched, but I realize that there have been times when conspiracy theories have been proven to be accurate. Supposedly, HRC is part of the illuminati, so anything criminal that arises where she and her husband are implicated, I'm no longer surprised. She and her husband are criminals.

- Susan

Steven said...

I know, you just mentioned the theory. I didn't think she was a spy. I just liked the idea of bearded fanatics telling her to take one for the team.

I think she is quite nice looking.

Anonymous said...

Can't agree with the gist of this post, John. Karen McDougal is certainly lovely, but her life trajectory shows the rot that has invaded our culture. A sweet lovely girl like her should have married the smartest boy in her college and had three kids. Instead she became a low level show biz slut and got laid by a playboy billionaire.

Regarding Huma, I think she's quite attractive in a regular girl way. And call me crazy but I don't think she and Hill are lovers. Huma is a cult leader. I've been reading up on "Hillaryland" - the all female gang that Hillary ran when she was FLOTUS. Huma was a part of that. She would do anything for Hillary, including consent to a ridiculous marriage to a Jewish Zionist. WTF does a nice Muslim girl marry a Jewish Zionist? Because her cult leader tells her to!

Where is she now?


John Craig said...

Puzzled --
It was McDougal's background more than her eventual life's trajectory that I was trying to emphasize in this post. I agree, the wholesomeness disappeared once she agreed to that Playboy shoot. I'm sure a lot of people must have told her, back when she wanted to be a teacher, "Oh, you could be model, you'd be wasting your beauty as a teacher!" and put visions of sugar plums into her head. And after that, yes, sadly, she did become sort of a low level show biz hanger on. It happens. And now she's 45 and it's pretty much all over, which I guess is why she was willing to sell that story to the National Enquirer. Nonetheless, despite the fact that she was in effect led astray by her own beauty, her background is pure Americana, whereas Huma's is pure anti-Americana.

Huma is what the French call "jolie laide," meaning, a lot of guys would want to do her despite the fact that she's not pretty in any conventional sense. She does have nice slim figure. I agree that she would do anything for Hillary, and I agree that marrying Weiner was part of that, but I also think being Hillary's lover was part of that bargain.

Anonymous said...

I disagree with you about their looks. Now that I see her again, I think McDougal is insipidly pretty, and that Huma is a North Indian beauty. I do not consider her a "jolie laide." But then, I don't look at beauty in terms of who wants to fuck a woman, it's just an objective thing with me.

But OK, let's go to the main point. You're right, McDougal is pure Americana and it shows how rotten a side of our culture is, and you didn't need a left wing to corrupt it. She's a sad, pathetic ruined creature. I looked her up on Wikipedia and it doesn't mention a husband, kids. She's a fembot.

Huma. We allowed her parents in. They were educated people - unfortunately, educated in an alien culture. Their daughter is, for better or worse, a foot soldier in the transformation of America.

The Americana you portray is literally contemptible, and doesn't deserve to survive.


John Craig said...

Puzzled --
The Americana I portrayed is McDougal's early background. There's no question that she let her life go off the rails, in a way. If you Google-image he you'll see pictures of her on a yacht with Bruce Willis, whose girlfriend she evidently was for a while. Her contact with celebrity made her head spin, and she evidently found that more appealing than the idea of a (most likely boring) life in the suburb with a husband and three kids. So, yeah, she let her life spin out of control, and she'll be lonely in her old age as a result. But she is still far more representative of traditional Americana than Abedin is.

mark said...

Not pretty in any conventional sense. She is slim and appears to have very pretty hair(Huma). No, Huma wont be in Playboy any time soon but pretty is different than sexy. Huma loses in the sexy contest but it is a bit closer in the classic beauty contest. I think Huma came to Washington at a young age and was sucked into the Hillary orbit. She was too differential to develop her own identity. She reminds me of James Carville who wouldn't be in Playboy either. I don't buy the Hillary, Huma affair. Just my gut but Hillary really is paranoid and that type of affair would end her career. Now has Bill Clinton met Karen Mcdougal?