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Saturday, November 12, 2016

Real voter intimidation

The NY Post briefly ran this article two days ago. It shows a video of an older white man being beaten by a group of young black men, because he voted for Trump. (It's not clear how they knew how he had voted; perhaps he had a Trump bumper sticker on his car.)

This is real voter intimidation.

Requiring an ID is not voter intimidation, anymore than it is airplane passenger intimidation. Or check casher intimidation. Or car driver intimidation.

You've never heard of those concepts because they're so silly. But, they're no sillier than voter intimidation.

Beating people up -- and that was a vicious beating, I suggest you watch the video -- is an entirely different matter.

This incident, of course, will never be reported by the New York Times, or the Washington Post, or CBS, CNN, or NBC. But imagine what the reaction would have been had the roles been reversed, and three strapping young white men had beaten an old black man for having voted for Clinton. It would be a national focus for weeks.

Imagine what the New York Times would have had to say:

"In an incident indicative of the kind of violence which Donald Trump has promoted, three young white men viciously attacked and beat an elderly black voter yesterday afternoon, as a young white woman urged them on. The sheer ugliness of this display of racism and voter intimidation harks back to the Jim Crow era, and America's long and ugly history of racial discrimination, violence, and lynching.

It's no coincidence that this type of behavior would be shown by Trump supporters, who have shown an ugly, nativist streak throughout Trump's divisive, hateful campaign. This absolutely horrifying video, which will shock any decent person to his core, gives the lie to those who say the Republicans, led by Donald Trump, do not practice voter intimidation. We now have incontrovertible evidence. All those voices screaming for voter ID laws because of paranoid delusions about "electoral fraud" ought now to be shamed into silence forever. 

The problem is, Donald Trump seems incapable of shame. But he should be held to account for these types of incidents, given his direct appeals to racism and xenophobia and sexism. He has encouraged these displays of overt racism with his tone and ill-chosen words. And now, tragically, the haters have sprung forth and answered his call to violence.

If this presages the spirit of the Trump administration, people of color, gays, women, Muslims, and everybody else who doesn't conform to Donald Trump's idea of what a "real American" is are no longer safe. Donald Trump has now officially declared open season on minorities. 

I grieve for the future of America."

But, it didn't quite happen that way. It was a black-on-white attack, because the white voted for Trump.

So, all we hear are crickets.


Gilbert Ratchet said...

Uh... I think we ARE hearing that! Only the only thing that they've got are graffiti and comments about "go back where you came from," half of which I'd wager have been faked.

Anonymous said...

You have captured the Leftist written assuault tactics against Trump, very well.

Here's Micheal Moore on the false accusation that Trump supporters are racist: “You have to accept that millions of people who voted for Barack Obama, some of them once, some of them twice, changed their minds this time. They’re not racist. They twice voted for a man whose middle name is Hussein. That’s the America you live in.”

Regarding this assault by three young black men against one older white man: where are the cries against 'bullying', 'elder abuse', and 'intolerance'?

This article makes some interesting points about 'Mandatory voter registration', 'Early Voting', 'Same-Day Voting' and 'Voter Photo ID Laws'.

After this election, I think the window for early voting needs to be pulled in substantially. Clearly there can be game-changing developments less than a week before the actual election day.

- Ed

John Craig said...

Ed --
Thank you.

I've always despised Michael Moore, but he's been remarkably honest and straightforward, at least by liberal standards, about this election; I hate to admit it, but I've a newfound respect for him.

That was an interesting article, thanks. It brought up a lot of points I hadn't considered before. Also, I was unaware that Obama had suggested mandatory voting. Totalitarianism under the guise of "fairness."

europeasant said...

The beating has been on the local news. There was an interview with the man saying that he did not have any signs that indicated he voted for Trump.
In my opinion this is a possible outcome of what happens when someone drives thru territory controlled by Africans. Itz happened many times before in America.
The advice is; If you are in enemy controlled territory and are involved in an accident of some sort, do not get out of your car, head straight for a police station. Seems this man got out of his car and attempted to communicate with the ghetto dwellers and paid the price. BTW he did state he voted for Trump but said also he voted for African county attorney.
I saw a similar situation at a Walmart a number of years ago. It seems two White people had a difference of opinion at the checkout line as to who was first in line. The Africans called for backup. Backup arrived outside and the two Whites got a bat pummeling.
There are some lessons to be learned here. Africans are very tribal and stick together so unless you think you're some tough guy get away as quickly as possible.
They don't call it the jungle for nuthin.

Anonymous said...

Going on very little here, but Moore's statement defending Trump against the racism charge coupled with this statement prior to the election (where Moore predicted Trump would win):

Michael Moore: "Trump's Election Will Be The Biggest F*** You Ever Recorded In Human History"

make me wonder if Moore is a closet Trump fan, though Moore stated he voted for Hillary.

From an extremely leftist point of view, Moore is anti-establishment himself.

- Ed

Steven said...

Great article. I found the video on youtube and posted it on facebook.

did you see this one?

Steven said... could probably get a job writing for the New York times.

John Craig said...

Ed --
It sure sounds as if he is sort of a Trump fan.

John Craig said...

Steven --
Thank you.....but there's no way in the world the NY Times would ever hire me.

Great article by Linh Dinh, thanks. has a lot of good stuff, though I normally just read Steve Sailer.

Steven said...

Here is the monologue that the Michael Moore quote was taken from guys.

Steven said... wasnt an endorsement though. He went on to say they would regret it and had elected the last president of America.

John Craig said...

Thank you Steven.

Blue said...

I can't believe Obama (or Hillary) still hasn't publicly condemned the riots yet. He just had a two hour press conference today and I don't think he even mentioned the riots.

Even if he hates Trump with the intensity of a thousand suns I would hope that as president he would atleast do the right thing and tell rioters to calm down and accept the results of the election.

I wonder if these are mostly paid rioters?

John Craig said...

Blue --
Hillary hasn't said a word, but Obama at least made some statesman-like noises today, telling people to give Trump a chance. I don't think he specifically addressed the rioters, but he did talk about cooperation with the new administration.

On the college campuses, all the whining and crying seems to be done by amateurs, but on the streets of the cities, I think Soros-funded organizations have lent a hand.