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Saturday, October 7, 2017

"Harvey Weinstein's brother may have been mastermind behind sex allegation expose"

The New York Post ran an article yesterday suggesting that Bob Weinstein may have been the one to leak the details about his brother's serial sexual harassment to the press:

It’s Cain and Abel — Hollywood style.

Disgraced movie mogul Harvey Weinstein may have been stabbed in the back by his own brother, who, sources told The Post, has been trying for years to replace his sibling as the sole head of their marquee film studio.

Bob Weinstein, the disgruntled co-founder of The Weinstein Company, may have been the mastermind behind an exposé of lurid sex allegations that led to his brother's humiliating downfall, the sources said.

“Bob’s wanted Harvey out for years,” said a former staffer, who added that the two brothers are becoming increasingly suspicious of each other.

Insiders believe that Bob may have helped concoct the explosive New York Times story that exposed the harassment allegations from Ashley Judd, Rose McGowan and other former employees.

“Bob may have even fed this story” to the Times, the insider said.

There may have been a taste for vengeance in the brother’s fateful move, as another insider said, “Bob wanted Harvey to get what’s coming to him.”

The backlash from the scandal is expected to oust Harvey from the storied franchise — for now — settling a long-simmering feud between the two.

“There has always been a love-hate relationship between the brothers,” says a former Weinstein employee.

“There have been times they wouldn’t speak for months. Let’s just say they have an ‘inconsistent’ relationship.”

Another source added, “Bob’s trying to take over and push Harvey out” and also said that some staffers at The Weinstein Company believe Bob was a source of the damning Times story.

Call it Biblical, or Shakespearian; call it a tragedy, or a comedy.

It's probably all those things. Whatever it is -- somebody should make a movie about it!

Maybe we could even get competing versions, from Bob and Harvey.

Bob's version could be called, Sin City: Harvey-Style.

His brother's version might be called, Harvey Unchained.


Anonymous said...

Harvey would have to be an actual, stuck-convict-style psychopath, if he could blame anybody but himself for his situation.

It's not as if Harvey were performing a secret crime that only his brother knew about, or that his brother had the power to truly hush up. Harvey was bothering new women, and more women, to the accompaniment of more gossip year-to-year...Harvey was producing a snowballing danger that could eventually (maybe like "crazy girl victim commits suicide") cost the company so much in lost deals post-scandal AS TO ENDANGER HIS BROTHER'S LIVELIHOOD as well as his own

as long as the brother warned Harvey that THIS MIGHT HAPPEN unless Harvey stopped starting fires, I see very little betrayal at all, merely a faithful playing-out of the inherent power-and-money dynamics of the situation

(now if it were me, rather than tell on my brother, I would have SEPARATED MY BUSINESS INTERESTS from his, decades ago, for this very reason...but I have unusually high standards about looking loyal, heehee)


John Craig said...

I was actually thinking about doing a sociopath alert for Harvey. There's enough there, and the way he treated waiters etc was pretty illustrative. Whenever I'd see a picture of him with some actress at some awards ceremony I always figured he was getting some of them just based on traditional casting couch procedures, but I hadn't realized he was a pull-out-his-dick-and-masturbate-if-rejected sort of guy.

Yeah, I suppose his brother could have just separated his business interests; but I doubt Bob would have done as well on his own; Harvey's forcefulness in making deals and the way he intimidated people undoubtedly had something to do with their success.