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Wednesday, February 28, 2018

The solution to our Muslim immigration problems

A young man recently suggested to me that the way to solve all the problems that seem to arrive with immigrants from Muslim countries is to accept only their gay men and their hot young women. 

It would be justifiable because gay men are certainly discriminated against in those countries -- to the point of being thrown off rooftops. And women are obviously second class citizens in any Islamic society. So both of these groups can more creditably lay claim to be fleeing persecution than all of those aggressive young men we seem to get stuck with. 

From our point of view, gay men would probably be less prone to violence, and they certainly wouldn't go around raping Western women. Instead of having a repeat of that infamous mass molestation in Cologne, they could have mass fashion critiques instead. ("Plaids and stripes in the same outfit? May Allah be with you!")

As far as the hot young women, well, that's self-explanatory. 

The young man knows, of course, that there's no chance such a policy will be instituted. 

But that's not to say the West wouldn't be far better off if it were.


jova said...

excellent idea....since we can only accept a limited number of refugees each year (even Obama restricted the number of muslim immigrants, imposing a limit of 10,000 Syrian refugees in 2015 when Europe was accepting 900,000 Syrian refugees)

Obama limited refugees to under 60,000 per year in his first term...while admitting an average of 75,000 per-year in his second term. Thus we denied 98% of those muslim seeking to migrate to America.

Since we already reject 98% of the muslims seeking to migrate and have hard limits on the number of refugees we admit, it is logical to admit those who are most at risk ...women are most at risk of being raped and persecuted and they are typically denied their civil rights in the Middle East...thus we should only admit single female refugees and not accept any male refugees. Women are also the least likely to become rapists or terrorists. Men are more more likely to break the law than females. Since the vast majority of H1B visas go to men we should counter-act this by accepting only female refugees. I would rather accept 25,000 Muslim female refugees and zero male refugees than accept 1,000 male muslim refugees...

John Craig said...

Jova --
You understand perfectly. The young man I was speaking to was thinking in terms of, well, since we have to accept both....But there's no reason we do, so why not just females? (Assuming no chain migration, of course.)

jova said...

It would be interesting to see how the feminist would react if the United States refugee policy gave preference to single females...would they applaud the decision ? It is strange that feminists complain about the lack of females in technology but never seem to complain about our H1B visa program which grants visas to mostly men (misogynists from Asia)

One reason so few females enter the tech field since 1992 is due to the increase in importing tech workers from India. They have created a hostile work place for females with their male chauvinist views, in addition to making tech less appealing for whites.

John Craig said...

Jova --
Good point, it WOULD be interesting to see how the feminists would react. They'd of course object to the importation of only "hot, young" females, but what about a policy that allowed in all females, but only females? I've heard that a fair number of middle-aged Scandinavian women have taken on young Muslim men as lovers; one can't help but wonder if that's part of their "liberalism?"

Mike said...

Hi John.

I purposefully commented here because I like the sentiments expressed in your hiatus post. Rather like having a really close, emotional sendoff with someone, and then seeing them in the parking lot a few minutes later...

Anyway, you probably read the Atlantic (a little too highbrow for me..) but there is an interesting article that reflects much of what you say here (or said here, as it were)


John Craig said...

Mike --
Thank you. I don't read the Atlantic either but I am familiar with the work of James Fallon. Just read the article you sent, and yes, the vast majority of sociopaths, or psychopaths, are not murderers. Plenty of them become businessmen, or soldiers, or surgeons, or salesmen, or any number of other fields where their psychology provides an advantage in some way.