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Thursday, January 14, 2010

Not cool

After visiting the doctor recently I realized -- too late -- that this doctor's definition of a cool guy must be someone who can have his prostate checked and then not make a joke about it afterward.

What possible variant of any joke could I have conceivably made that he hadn't heard before?

I'm an idiot.


Anonymous said...

At least you didn't joke about the bomb in your bag at airline security!

Paavo said...

I was surprised what digital examination turned out to be.

John Craig said...

As you can tell from my second-to-last post, I was in no mood to be joking around while there. Anyway, I'm much too sophisticated for that -- I stick with bathroom humor.

John Craig said...

Paavo --
Thank you for your comment. Yes, quite so. Your exam, his digits.

Were you named after Paavo Nurmi, who was known over here as "The Flying Finn," or am I just being provincial?

Anonymous said...

Did you ask the doctor if he found oil up there you'd go halfs with him !! Hey...after turning 50 this year I'm supposed to go for the same....
Mad dog