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Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Not the smartest sex criminal ever

The following article appeared in this morning's NY Post:

Law bites 'sex' coach

by Jamie Schramm and Marc Raimondi

A girls volleyball coach at an elite Brooklyn private school was busted after her smooching sessions left a 14-year-old player with a telltale hickey, authorities said yesterday.

The Poly Prep Country Day School student confessed to the affair with coach Lisa Guttilla, 37, after her mother demanded to know who left the love bite on her neck.

Guttilla, who worked part time at Poly Prep, engaged in sexual conduct with the victim on at least three occasions, authorities said.

She is charged with misdemeanor sexual abuse and endangering the welfare of child.

If you know you're committing a sex crime, why would you leave a hickey on the girl's neck?

(Why not just film your smooching sessions and post them on the internet?)

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