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Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Olbermann skids

News came out this morning that Keith Olbermann's ratings are down 44% year over year. I applaud this development. It's hard to respect a political talk show host who never allows opposing voices on his show (this is how the press operated under communism).

I wrote about this earlier:

I haven't been watching Olbermann recently, but I did hear that he recently said Scott Brown is a racist because he drives a pickup truck.

That kind of "logic" deserves a 100% ratings drop.


Anonymous said...

Aaaaaghh!! The 'orrible oleaginous Olbermann. Scary.

John Craig said...

Guy -- Is that an Oxford accent?

Anonymous said...

Naw mate, I'm a cockney. See:

John Craig said...

Guy --That's an interesting video. It sounded as if they were speaking a foreign language.