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Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Separate swimming from diving

Yet another swimming article on the Swimming World website:

(This one won't interest you unless you're a swimming fan.)


Hess said...

Great piece. Your water polo comment is an interesting one. It is my understanding that in the earliest meets, water polo was in fact played by the various teams and counted towards who won. This form of the game was played in the shallow end and had something closer to rugby rules though.

John Craig said...

Thanks Hess. I'd never heard that before. That must have been a loooonnng time ago.

Anonymous said...

I am, of course, in favor of a 10 minute waterpolo scrimmage in between swimming events. It would make practices much more fun. As a matter of fact I would eagerly seek you out, John, for practice!

BTW waterpolo, the first and oldest olympic team sport, was NEVER played in shallow water.


John Craig said...

I'll take you on -- as soon as you get down to my weight.

Richard said...

Love this comment at the SW site by "Teskeej": "The BEST part of my entire diving career was when the coach would force the swimmers to come watch our event rather than retreating into the locker room for a meeting."

Really- that was the BEST? Not coming up big when you didn't think you had it in you? Not scoring the points that were the differentiator? And if externally focussed, not even being to impress your girlfriend before your Saturday evening date? No, I want to make the rest of the team -have- to watch me.

That wouldn't have worked out for me- I was constantly hiding in the locker room during the diving, trying not to throw up before the 200 Fly.

John Craig said...

Richard --
Ha! My attitude was the same as yours, I just sort of tuned out during the diving. Except I was usually trying not to throw up AFTER the 200 fly.