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Saturday, August 7, 2010

Two little jokes

I've always felt that retelling others' jokes is basically a confession that one has no wit of one's own. So, in that spirit, let me pass along two I've heard recently.

The first joke is from a blog called The Epicurean Dealmaker, which is written by an anonymous fellow who works on Wall Street. He normally writes about the foibles of big shots, and today his blog was about why older men still make fools of themselves over love. (His thesis: because they feel mortality closing in on them.) In any case, he closed with a rather cute joke which he claimed to have heard from his wife:

Q: What's the difference after sex among a prostitute, a mistress, and a wife?

A: The prostitute says, "Did you enjoy that?" The mistress says, "Did you enjoy that as much as I enjoyed that?" And the wife says, "Beige.....I think I want to paint the ceiling beige."

The second joke was told to me, appropriately enough, in the locker room of the local Y:

Before the wedding Hillary took Chelsea aside and asked her if she and her fiance had had sex yet.

Chelsea's reply: "Well.....not according to Dad."

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