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Monday, January 31, 2011

John Barry

John Barry, the great composer of film music, died yesterday. He is most famous for having composed the music for several James Bond movies, including the title tracks Goldfinger, Diamonds are Forever, and Moonraker. I wrote a post about Shirley Bassey, with links to those songs, earlier:

Bassey may have been the voice behind the music, but Barry was the brains. He must have had an exceptional brain to create such powerful music. After all these years I still can't listen to Goldfinger without feeling just a bit more.....virile. Listening to that glorious, brassy sound is like receiving an injection of testosterone.

I realize how incredibly stupid this makes me sound, but the best way I can describe my reaction to the song is to say that it makes me feel as if I look like the 34-year-old Sean Connery.

Barry composed the music for many other movies. I challenge you not to be moved by these themes.

Here's Midnight Cowboy (try not to feel wistful):

Body Heat (try not to feel sultry):

Thunderball (try not to feel grandiose):

You Only Live Twice (try not to feel any yearning):

See? You lost.

Thank you John Barry, for enhancing my mood on so many occasions.

Rest in peace.

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