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Saturday, January 8, 2011

Movie themes

I was on the subject of movie themes with my son recently and he mentioned that the music from Shane was quite good:

I listened to it, and found it stirring. (You may find it the same.) But I can't quite figure out why. Is it because the music itself is good? Is it because I associate it with the movie itself, which I liked? Is it because it reminds me of my youth, when I first saw the movie?

Or is it because I'm an idiot?

I honestly can't tell.

See if it moves you. If it does, maybe you can figure out why. If not, you can choose option four for me.


Anonymous said...

John, Yes, Yes, Yes, and no comment (I'll leave that one to J)

John Craig said...

Guy --
I can answer for him: yes, possibly, yes because it was so long ago, and yes.

Anonymous said...

BTW, I have always liked the movie very much. The whole package is very appealing and the are some truly great scenes – like when Wilson guns down Stonewall. Coincidentally, my kids bought me a DVD of the movie for Xmas.

John Craig said...

It's a great movie, no question, in my mind one of the four greatest westerns ever.

When I first saw Jack Palance as Wilson, I assumed he was half-American Indian with those cheekbones, and that that was what he was supposed to be in the movie -- a halfbreed like me. But he's actually Ukrainian. The nose was from his boxing career.