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Monday, January 10, 2011

What's your price?

The NY Post ran an article about the grisly recent midtown hotel slaying yesterday. The first few paragraphs (italics mine):

Before a gay Portuguese fashion journalist was beaten to death and castrated in a Times Square hotel room, his 20-year-old boy toy told him he was actually straight and only with him for the money, sources told The Post yesterday.

The two men got into a heated argument after the revelation, sources said.

Veteran newspaper reporter Carlos Castro, 65, wound up nude and dead -- his testicles hacked off -- on the floor of his ransacked room at the InterContinental hotel on Friday night.

Acquaintances of Renato Seabra, who recently won a modeling contract on a Portuguese TV show, said he was straight and only pretending to date Castro.

"Carlos Castro was a trampoline to rise in the fashion and social worlds," the source said.

I'm not sure I buy that Seabra was actually straight. But this incident does bring up the age old question.

I once asked it of a particularly macho guy I knew on Wall Street: "How much money would it take for you to blow another guy?"

He responded, "There's absolutely no fucking way I'd ever blow another guy, not for any amount of money, under any circumstances. Ever."

I persisted, "Would you do it for a hundred thousand dollars? Let's assume the guy has been tested for AIDS beforehand and you know he's clean. And you'd have a bottle of Listerine nearby so you could gargle right afterward."

He replied brusquely, "I told you, there's no way I'd ever do that."

I asked, "How about a million then?"


I said, "Okay. Ten million."

He just stared off into space expressionlessly for a couple seconds. Then he slowly smiled. 

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