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Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Tour Merrie Olde England!

There's no better time than summertime to come experience the many delights of London, England.

Marvel at the beautiful Tudor architecture, which dates back to 1485 and the reign of Henry Tudor, first King of the Tudor Dynasty.  

Enjoy the spectacle of English lords going a-fox hunting.

Go window shopping at our many fine stores.

Tour London in our famous doubledecker buses.

At nighttime, the London fog can be just as A. Conan Doyle described it: "thick as pea soup." Who knows, you might even run into Sherlock Holmes himself!

Watch the lads test their skill at the ancient Scottish sport of caber tossing....

....or the more recently imported sport of karate.

 If you're lucky, your stay in London will coincide with Guy Fawkes Day, with its attendant Bonfire Night. (Guy must be in there somewhere!)

Take a ride on the London Eye, which affords panoramic views of all of London. Until 1999, it was the largest Ferris Wheel in the entire world.

We hope you make reservations soon. A good time will be had by all!

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