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Friday, February 17, 2012

"Wake insistent splendors of color which lie dormant beneath silent adulthood purpose."

The last in the series on requests for pen pals from Death Row inmates. Here's an excerpt from:

Nurturing life's little miracles on a path of faith often fraught with dilemma, Michael faces a fierce enemy that never sleeps, haunting his dreams and ripening him with age. "Time", is a cruel opponent.
With an indomitable and approachable spirit in his rehabilitative giving sense of community, Michael strives to wake insistent splendors of color which lie dormant beneath silent adulthood purpose.
Reflected in the power of choice while replacing mundane soil with courage to stare immense psychological pain dead in its eyes, meaningful growth occurs --- a rare gift which dare not be neglected....

Can anyone translate those three paragraphs into plain English for me? (It seems to be written in Obfuscatese, a language many sociopaths are fluent in.)
Flinner is on Death Row for having taken out a $500,000 life insurance policy on his 18-year-old fiancee, then contracting with someone to kill her. ("Time" may be "a cruel opponent," but it's still one that 18-year-old girl would undoubtedly have loved to have had the opportunity to face.)

Michael's son Johnathan, who believes in his father's innocence, is waging a campaign to have him freed. (Flinner himself is another inmate who has taken a principled stand against the death penalty.)

I might possibly have considered the slim possibility that Flinner was innocent. But after reading his letter, there's no way. Anybody who writes about himself in the third person is an incurable narcissist. And anybody who uses such flowery language to say absolutely nothing has obviously spent a lifetime bamboozling others.

Scratch a con man, find a sociopath. And a sociopath is always guilty until proven innocent.

If you have any doubts about Flinner's guilt, ask yourself this: what possible reason would a 36-year-old man have to take out a half million dollar insurance policy on his 18-year-old fiancee?


Anonymous said...

I absolutely agree. There was physical evidence- cameras saw his vehicle leaving the murder scene. In some articles he claims he's Christian and others he claims he's Jewish. He will play
to whatever audience will garner him sympathy. Handwriting experts identified the evidence he planted against his worker. His defense claimed he had a mental defect which made it impossible for him to make correct choices. has the whole story. He's a pathetic piece of psychotic crap.

John Craig said...

Anonymous --
Thank you for that information, I hadn't heard that evidence. That's an interesting defense by his lawyers; I suppose sociopathy could be described as "a mental defect which makes it impossible to make correct choices."