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Saturday, November 17, 2012

More evidence of electoral fraud

Anybody with an open mind will have a hard time reading these (and following the links within them) and not coming to the conclusion that there was fraud.


Anonymous said...

John, I expect that every election the US has ever held has experienced fraud and suppression. But if you, or the Republicans, are saying that the country will return to a right-leaning majority with greater election integrity, you are whistling in the wind. Time to get real, get out of the echo chamber, and ask why the Republicans' people, platform and policies are not resonating with the huge swathe independent voters who support fiscal responsibility and individual responsibility but did not vote for the Republican ticket. Hint for Republicans: quit moral fascism and pandering to plutocrats and offer real solutions for restoring the American Dream/Promise for middle class America.

John Craig said...

G --
I think it's possible that the election outcome would have been different with no fraud; of course I have no way of knowing this for sure, and I don't think anybody does. Unfortunately, the reason all these reports are heard only in the "Republican echo chamber" is because the left-leaning mainstream press does not want to give the evidence of fraud any publicity; they want it to just die. I think that all of these alleged instances of fraud should be pursued until the truth, one way or the other, is uncovered; maybe these allegations are correct, maybe not, but it would be terrible if they were never even investigated. By the way, almost all of the polls before the election had the "huge swath" of independent voters leaning Republican.

As far as the "moral fascism," I see more of this in the political correctness of the Left than the Right. I'm a libertarian myself: I favor gay marriage, and I'm pro-choice, so I disagree with the Republicans on both of those. But the real moral fascists these days are those who do not even allow honest discussions about whether immigration is good for us, and what the dysgenic trends in this country mean for our future. You never, ever hear talk of that because the moral fascists will not allow it.

As far as restoring the American Dream, moving in the direction of European-style socialism doesn't seem the way to do it.

Anonymous said...

Having lived surrounded by giant piles of uncollected garbage while doing my schoolwork by candlelight in a dysfunctional 1970s Britain beset by strikes by the public sector unions, or watching today the anti-austerity riots in the European capitals of countries living with the "socialist death spiral" you don't need to persuade me that a left turn to European-style socialism is not the way to go.

I'm also very much in favor of electoral integrity, and note the irony that visiting observers from supposedly much less developed democracies were surprised at how lax some US voter ID rules are.

But my point is that the reason that I don't believe the Republicans lost the election because of voter fraud, and while the tactical battles to secure electoral integrity might are fought, the Reps seem to be missing the bigger points about where they lost.

As a conservative libertarian aren't you disappointed at how the party dissed the most youthful and energetic movement on the right? Do you like being disparaged as a "moral relativist" by people who disagree with you on social issues? This alone was enough to alienate and fracture a potentially powerful economic coalition on the right. And don't you think we need one to fight the onset of the "socialist death spiral"?

Anonymous said...

Hard to believe that in the US, the land of the free, the land of prosperity, and in the age of the internet which allows free flow of information, we could have a stolen election and the populace either has no idea or has little interest.

Obama’s literary agent issued a pamphlet in 1991 stating Obama’s birthplace is Kenya. If it was untrue, what does that say about Obama’s character for letting that go? The people of Kenya believe Obama was born in Kenya. Lord Monckton of Brenchley did an analysis of all the anomalies on Obama’s electronically released long form birth certificate. He assigns a probability to each anomaly (like the Connecticut Social Security number, line and letter spacing irregularities, ‘layering’ irregularities – that most likely indicate the document is assembled, not a single scan, etc…..) and came up with a 1 in 75 sextillion probability that the document is authentic.

No matter – simply dismiss those suspicious as “Birthers”, i.e. wackos.

Donald Trump’s offer of $5M to charity if Obama released his college records and passport application records was greeted with a national yawn. But Trump makes a point very effectively – there is something big Obama is hiding. Big enough that $5M to Obama’s favorite charity is not even worth considering.

If Petraeus’ affair deserves to be a blockbuster national story, it is either because he was vulnerable to blackmail, or because his mistress was a spy. Neither appears to have happened. But looking at that root, since Obama has something big he is hiding, he is therefore vulnerable to blackmail. Whoever could leak the information Obama fears could theoretically pull his puppet strings. But this is not a national story.

Meanwhile – very few are interested, or care.

- Ed

John Craig said...

G --
I agree, it is too bad that the Republicans ignored the Ron Paul contingent. Do I dislike being called a moral relativist by those on the right who are pro-life and anti-gay marriage? I suppose, though people who disagree with me on those issues have never called me that name to my knowledge; they tend to be more respectful. What I dislike far more is being called an evil Nazi by those who would banish all honest talk about genetics and IQ.

As far as the socialist death spiral, yes, of course we have to fight it, as I basically said in my previous comment. I'm just not optimistic about escaping it at this point.

John Craig said...

Ed --
You're absolutely right about all of these coverups and lies and hypocrisies. It's disgusting, and pathetic. But I disagree on one count: I do think the American people would care, if only they knew about them. The problem is, the mainstream media imposes a virtual blackout on all of this information. You and I have heard about these things because we read and listen to alternative sources of info; I'd bet the average American has never heard about that Obama book cover which stated that he was born in Kenya, or about the anomalies in his birth certificate, or about these voting irregularities.