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Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Shocked, I tell you, shocked!

Perhaps the most surprising thing to emerge from the Petraeus scandal is that people are so surprised about it. True, Petraeus looks like a straight arrow and his military bearing is not one that brings to mind  the image of a "lounge lizard." But he is a guy, and newsflash, guys to tend to act like guys when given the opportunity.

To the best of my knowledge, I've known two CIA guys (neither admitted it to me), and both were prolific womanizers. When your life is all about skullduggery, would you draw the line at an illicit affair? And why would it be any different at the top?

My guess, if everybody in the federal government who had some sort of illicit sex had to resign, we'd have to hold elections again, next week. And most of Congress, as well as the Executive branch, would be up for grabs.


Dave Moriarty said...

I am beginning to think this getting exposed has to do with his testimony about the Libya raid. My guess is the "boys" told him he had to spout the White House spin on the Libya raid . He did so before the election. When told to do it again after the election he said "no ,I am not going to fabricate the story again."

so the boys then said ok we will out you and the chick. so Pet gave it up himself.

and that is my guess what the real story is !

John Craig said...

Dave --
That's as good a theory as any. I've gone through a number of possibilities in my head, have no idea which one is true.

Gilbert Ratchet said...

I find it odd that CIA guys aren't a little more circumspect with women. What does "honeypot" mean, after all?

John Craig said...

Gilbert --
I think both of the CIA guys I knew were basically information gatherers, or analysts, rather than what we think of as spies. My guess is that both just sort of reported on the lay of the land, the mood of the people, and what they heard from their embassy or business contacts. And I think a lot of people who work for the CIA are in that sort of capacity rather than what we think of as James Bond work, so they actually wouldn't have all that much to blab to a honeypot about.

Someone higher up like Petraeus obviously would have a lot of secrets to give away. But Broadwell, even if she was a bit unstable, was a USMA grad herself and had some sort of low level intelligence clearance, so was pretty clearly not a foreign agent herself.

Pete said...

This woman, for all her degrees and important jobs, a poster girl for women who've got it all together, ends up acting unhinged. Reminds me of that astronaut-ess who drove cross-country to kill a love rival. Despite all the years of feminist propaganda, reality proves once again that biology is destiny.

John Craig said...

Pete --
I agree with your larger point, but is her behavior in threatening her love rival any worse than two guys who get into a fight over a girl? One could also ay that Petraeus, a national hero who was a poster boy for military discipline and efficiency, and General Allen also acted flaky in writing recommendations for Jill Kelley's sister, who strikes me as a sociopath, in her child custody case. These guys are supposed to be tough-minded, battle-hardened soldiers, not patsies for some manipulative con woman.