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Friday, March 29, 2013

Sociopath alert: Christine Quinn

The other day the NY Times wrote an extremely unflattering -- but evidently accurate -- portrait of Christine Quinn, the Democratic New York City mayoral candidate who is the frontrunner at this point.

She is a classic sociopath. She yells, she screams, she bullies, she threatens to cut off the genitals of those who disagree with her, she is extremely vindictive, she seems to have little self control, and she shows absolutely no embarrassment about her behavior. ("I am who I am," she says unapologetically.)

The sad thing is, she has probably gotten as far as she has because of her sociopathy: people are instinctively afraid to cross her, so let her have her way.

(I wonder what Quinn's official stance is on the issue of bullying in schools. How does she feel we should deal with this issue?)

The comments after the article are telling too, in describing her corruption, which the article did not delve into.

It's a little surprising that the Times would run this piece considering how they usually turn a blind eye to the personalities of left-leaning sociopaths. But good for them that they did not in this case. I hope it helps derail her candidacy.


Wodgina said...

Hey John would love you to Blog more about the more liberal sociopaths! message me I've got a few that come to mind!

What I enjoy about the liberals is the hypocrisy....just a pet fave and people still lap it up.

John Craig said...

Wodgina --
If you type in "Sociopath alert" in the search box of my blog you'll get quite a few results, among them longer posts about Bill Clinton, Jesse Jackson, and Richard Blumenthal. Of course, you'll also find sociopath alerts about Newt Gingrich, Bernard Kerik, and Christine O'Donnell. I agree with you about the hypocrisy of the liberals in general, but sociopathy knows no political boundaries.