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Sunday, March 24, 2013

UFC fighters on testosterone replacement therapy

A recent article in the Orange County Register described how several UFC stars have gotten doctors' prescriptions for "testosterone replacement therapy" on the grounds that their own natural levels were low.

Here are some of the fighters who are trying to supplement their own measly supply.

Dan Henderson:

Shane Roller (at right):

Chael Sonnen (at right, and below):

Todd Duffee:

And Vitor Belfort:

The idea that these guys need testosterone replacement therapy is as ludicrous as the concept of "medical marijuana." (Personally, I think marijuana should be legalized, if only to put some of the cartels out of business and provide a new source of tax revenue. But in the meantime, the idea that it has a legitimate medical value seems questionable.)

And it seems to me that there are a few doctors who need to lose their licenses.

Then again, I haven't been feeling very happy recently. I wonder if there are any doctors who'll give me a prescription for some medical Ecstasy or medical cocaine.


Anonymous said...

John--Yes, they don't need testosterone, but they choose to do it anyway because they want to look huge. As far as getting cocaine, etc, there is no shortage of MD's who will prescribe that to you (oppioids) in a jiffy. Thanks, Brian

John Craig said...

Thank you Brian. I guess I've been going to the wrong doctor.

lowly said...

Well, the fighters probably do need the therapy. The've shot so much stuff into their bodies, they don't crank out the normal amounts anymore.

John Craig said...

Lowly --
Good point. I guess it's quite possible that a lot of the former juicers no longer produce their own: the shrunken balls syndrome. On the other hand, the pictures would indicate that they are now getting -- from whatever source -- more than enough.

Pete said...

I've gotten really suspicious about athletes in general and try to guess which ones are juicing. One thing I notice is that some of them just look too good to be real, like the ones pictured. That those guys are low in test is unbelievable and is probably a deception. Maybe after they stop taking steroids their natural production is low and at that point they go to their favorite doctor and ask for test therapy; at that moment it really is low so the doc can point to the tests that verify it to legitimize the treatment. Coming off a period of steroid use the body produces less of it for a period of time. Steroid users know this and use some drugs to kickstart a return to normal production levels.
If it looks too good to be true it usually isn't.

John Craig said...

Pete --

Chris Mallory said...

Suffer from muscle cramps caused by MS, try every "approved" medication with no positive results, live months in agony with no relief, then have the cramps go away after 3 puffs on a joint. For many neurological disorders marijuana is a wonder drug, better than anything the FDA has approved.

John Craig said...

Chris --
In that case you use is totally legit, and I guess it is for other sufferers too. But I still say the vast majority of users of "medical marijuana" are just people who want to get high.

Sorry about your MS.